The Importance of Choosing the Right Wedding Vendors

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I wanted to share a few thoughts to future brides today. I have attended countless weddings and am well aware of what makes a wedding perfect. I have been to picture perfect weddings and I have been to weddings where everything seems to go wrong. Here are my thoughts on how to make your wedding perfect.

I strongly believe that most weddings are made great by the vendors that the bride chooses. In some cases this isn’t correct because some brides do everything on their own; but in most cases vendors and services are hired to help with the wedding. I have seen everything from a caterer being hours late to flowers being the wrong color. Choosing vendors will make or break your wedding.

From Florist and Caterers to Wedding Venues and Photographers, almost every wedding is made up of multiple businesses and services working together. Some wedding businesses have been around for years and others are new. It is often difficult to tell who will do the best job on your wedding day.

Before all else you have to establish a budget. Once your budget is established you can search for vendors within your price range. There are a few ways you can learn about the quality of a wedding business. I will list a few of these.

The Portfolio of the Vendor

Most wedding businesses will have some type of portfolio. If you are looking for a wedding photographer you can look at photos from their previous weddings. If you are looking for a caterer, a taste testing session will act as their portfolio. Make sure you taste everything that will be served at your wedding before you hire a caterer.


One of the best ways to learn about a wedding business is by reviews. Salt Lake Wedding Reviews is a place where past brides can leave comments and reviews about wedding services that they have worked with. This is more than helpful for a future bride as she plans her wedding.

A review can tell you much more than how the food tastes or what the flowers looked like. A wedding service should be friendly, easy to work with and timely; not to mention the fact that they should meet all of your needs. Look for reviews and you should be able to learn these important details about any vendor.

Preferred Vendors

Many Wedding Reception Venues offer a list of preferred wedding vendors. This can be very helpful because your wedding venue will never refer you to someone they don’t trust. Earning the trust of other wedding businesses says a lot about a wedding service.

I hope this information has helped. Spend time and be patient as you search for your vendors. Enjoy your wedding experience!

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