The Pros and Cons of having a Holiday Wedding

Salt Lake Wedding Reviews; Holiday WeddingsToday we are posting about having a holiday wedding. When we say “holiday wedding” we are referring to having your wedding on a holiday or close to a holiday. For example, Thanksgiving weekend or between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Some brides love holiday weddings and others don’t. Having your wedding over the holidays has pros and cons; we’ll discuss them to help you make your final decision.

The pros of having a holiday wedding
Having your wedding during one of the most exciting times of year can be wonderful and memorable. There are many benefits to having your wedding during Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

First, it’s a time when people are home with their families. Summer weddings are great but summer vacations affect the number of guests that attend your wedding. Yes, people still travel for the holidays but they are usually traveling home. The best thing to do is ask your closest friends about their travel plans.

Themed weddings are exciting. It’s always fun to bring the holiday themes into your wedding. Nothing beats turkey dinner and pumpkin pie; why not bring holiday cheer into your wedding?!

Since winter weddings are less popular, you can often find better deals with your wedding vendors. Most reception centers offer off season promotional prices.

Another huge benefit to having a holiday wedding is that most jobs don’t require you to work on holidays. This means, if you play your cards right, you’ll have work off every year for your anniversary!

The cons of having a holiday wedding
There are a few cons to having a holiday wedding. Here are a few we have come up with:

The holidays are busy; in fact, the end of the year is the busiest time of year. Combine the holidays, work deadlines and planning a wedding; it can be stressful. The solution to avoiding the stress is to plan your wedding well in advance.

Traffic and crowds can be stressful. It might be nice to have vacation from work for your anniversary but traffic and crowds can be terrible during the holidays. Try having a romantic anniversary on black Friday or right before Christmas. Hotels and restaurants are packed. If you want a holiday wedding, you simply have to plan around the traffic.

Every season has its pros and cons
No matter when you have your wedding, there will be pros and cons related to that time of year; whether it’s travel, weather or holidays. Weigh out the negatives and positives and make the decision that’s best for you. Happy holidays and best of luck with your wedding planning!

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