The Stories behind Common Wedding Traditions

Written by Salt Lake Wedding Reviews expert author.Most wedding brides plan their weddings and include the wedding traditions that have stuck with us for hundreds if not thousands of years. Have you ever wondered why we do certain things? Have you ever wondered why brides toss the bouquet? Or why we wear our rings on our third finger? In today’s post we will teach you the meaning behind some of these timeless traditions.

The Wedding Bouquet
Why do brides carry a bouquet? It’s not just because they look nice. The reason flowers play a significant role in weddings is because they represent fertility. Early bouquets were made of herbs.

Tossing the Bouquet
Today, the single ladies gather behind the bride and try to catch the wedding bouquet. It is believed that the lady who catches the bouquet will be the next to be married. This tradition began in England. Women would attempt to tear pieces from the bride’s gown and flowers to acquire some of her good luck. The bride would then attempt to escape the crowd of women by tossing her bouquet and running away.

The Wedding Ring
The wedding ring represents an eternal circle which never ends. This is a symbol of endless love. Wedding rings have been worn on the third finger of the left hand for thousands of years. The romans believed that the vein in the third finger runs straight to the heart; and the left hand because the heart is on the left side.

The Groom on the Right, the Bride on the Left
Thousands of years ago, it was common for grooms to defend their brides. The bride stood on the left of the groom so that he could draw his sword more easily with his right hand.

The Best Man
In ancient times, women would be captured by men who wanted them as their brides. The groom would ask his strongest friend to help him protect his bride throughout the wedding. This friend was known as the best man.

Layered or Tiered Wedding Cakes
In ancient Anglo-Saxton England wedding guests would bake small cakes and bring them to the wedding. They would stack their cakes on top of the original wedding cake. Many years later a baker from France made a similar cake, and covered it in frosting; this started the traditions of our modern layered wedding cakes.

Today the job of a bridesmaid is to support the bride throughout the entire wedding experience. In the past, the bridesmaids would dress like the bride in an attempt to confuse evil spirits that might be present during the wedding.

The Bride’s Veil
For many centuries brides have worn veils as a symbol of virginity, modesty and youth. The veil also had a purpose in protecting the bride from evil.

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