Top 3 Beauty Mistakes Made by Brides!

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Trust us when we say that we understand what you are going through. We work with brides every day. Looking gorgeous on your wedding day is more than important! Every bride wants to look beautiful. Since we have seen many brides make beauty mistakes on their special day; we would like to warn you to avoid these mistakes.

Too much makeup
Obviously wearing makeup on your wedding day is a must! But time after time we see brides go overboard with the makeup. It is very common for brides to apply too much makeup. This can be because brides are nervous, or many other emotions.

Our advice is to either hire a professional makeup artist or to stick with a makeup routine that you are already good at. Don’t experiment with something new on your wedding day.

Extreme weight loss
Every bride wants to look skinny for their wedding photos. We understand your desire to look perfect in your photos. Some brides tend to forget that it’s better to look healthy than to look skinny. When brides take extreme measures to lose weight, there are other side effects. These include pail skin, acne, bags under eyes and more.

If you want to lose weight before the wedding, make sure you start a healthy diet and exercise plan months in advance. Losing weight too quickly is unhealthy and it shows in your complexion.

Acne prevention
Brides have nightmares about having pimples on the day of their wedding. We have seen countless brides attempt to prevent pimples by trying new acne treatment on the week of the wedding. The problem with this is that if your skin isn’t used to a new treatment it can actually make your acne worse!

Make sure you find an acne solution that works months in advance. Switching to something new at the last minute is a recipe for disaster!

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