Top 7 Wedding Benefits of the Salt Lake City Area!

Salt Lake City, Utah is one of America's finest wedding locations!We understand that Salt Lake City doesn’t rank among the world’s most popular wedding destinations but we are lucky to have such a great city. “Most popular wedding locations” does not mean “best wedding locations”. Today we want to discuss why weddings the Salt Lake City, Utah area are one of America’s best kept secrets.

Thousands of Wedding Professionals
In the Salt Lake City area there are over 4,000 wedding businesses. There is a huge variety of wedding professionals for every bride no matter her style or her budget. From large wedding businesses to one man photographers, Salt Lake has it all.

According to a survey by “The Knot” Utah is among the top 3 cheapest states to get married in. The results came from over 20,000 brides. We take pride in our reasonably priced wedding professionals. You can take a deep breath and realize that you can be taken care of without spending your college fund.

Variety of Scenery Settings
Towering mountains and a flat valley floor makes possibilities endless for Salt Lake brides. There are very few places where you can have a wedding on the valley floor then drive 20 minutes to the mountain top for your reception. The Salt Lake area has more variety than almost any place on earth.

Stunning Views
The towering mountains not only bring variety but offer breathtaking views. Every season has its amazing views in Utah. Snow covered mountain tops, gorgeous sunsets, or colorful autumn leaves offer perfect backdrops for your wedding.

4 Seasons
Salt Lake City not only has beautiful scenery but 4 seasons. Every bride has different opinions about weather on their wedding day. Would you like a hot wedding, a warm wedding, a wintry wonderland wedding? It doesn’t matter what you like, with a Salt Lake wedding, you can have it.

Dry Weather
Humidity can be a huge irritant on your wedding day. It can mess up your hair and make you and your guests sweat like never before. An often overlooked benefit of being in the Salt Lake area is the dry weather.

If you think traffic in Salt Lake City is bad, try visiting America’s most popular wedding destinations. We know rush hour can be stressful but traffic in Salt Lake is mild compared to many other cities. If you avoid rush hour, you can get from one end of the valley to the other in less than 30 minutes. This makes it much easier for your guests to travel on your wedding day.

In short, we think that Salt Lake City is one of America’s best places for a wedding. Why pay thousands of dollars to travel somewhere that isn’t necessarily a better wedding location? Have your wedding in Utah!

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