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Planning a Wedding in the Salt Lake City Utah area has never been so easy!

Planning a Wedding in Central Utah!

December 3, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Central Utah Weddings

First and foremost, congrats on the upcoming wedding! This is one of the most exciting times of your entire life. As you know, we have been helping Salt Lake City brides plan their weddings for the past few years. We help brides find the best suited professionals to assist with their weddings. And we educate brides so they will have the experience they deserve.

Today’s post is a little different than our other posts. We generally stick to the Salt Lake City area but we have had a number of questions from brides in the Central Utah area. Whether you are attending Snow College or are living in central Utah, you deserve the wedding of your dreams. This post will teach you the basics of planning a wedding in Central Utah.

Adversity When Planning a Wedding in Central Utah

Planning a wedding in the city is extremely convenient. There are thousands of wedding professionals who are ready to do their jobs! In Central Utah, there are far less wedding professionals, very few venues, and very few places to get what you need. Having said this, every bride with a little extra effort can have the wedding of her dreams.

Central Utah Wedding Reception Venues

There are only a handful of actual wedding venues in central Utah. The good news is, at least your options are good ones. Our favorite and recommended venue is the Sevier Valley Center. It’s a multi-purpose entertainment and wedding venue in Richfield, Utah on the Snow College campus. The facility is used for concerts, live entertainment, sporting events and wedding receptions.

The Sevier Valley Center is Central Utah’s top wedding venue. The facility is large enough for love concerts and sport events so large weddings are easily accommodated. If you are having a small wedding, you can rent a smaller room. And the best part, it is extremely affordable. It’s hard to find this type of wedding location anywhere in the state!

Backyard or Church Weddings

Your other options are to host your wedding reception in your home, backyard or church. With proper work, these weddings can be amazing! Some of the most impressive receptions we have attended have been in back yards! But keep in mind; it’s a lot of work and can get very expensive. We suggest at least checking prices at SVC. It might be less expensive in the long run.

Photography, Flowers, Cakes

There are a handful of local professionals that do photography, flowers or cakes full time, as side jobs or hobbies. As you search out these vendors, we highly recommend looking at their past work before hiring anyone. Ask them for photos from past weddings they have worked. Ask them how many weddings they have helped with. It’s not that there aren’t excellent professionals, it’s just important that you know what you are getting beforehand.

Use the Internet

Small town weddings are more difficult to plan because you don’t have access to everything you need. Decorations, fresh flowers and other important things can be difficult to find. We highly suggest using the internet. The internet is one of the most powerful wedding planning tools out there.

Did you know, you can order your wedding flowers online and have them shipped to you? If this seems like a good fit, order a small flower arrangement to test the quality of the flowers. You might be surprised!

Check for wedding decorations. It is common for brides to buy their wedding decorations then sell them immediately after the wedding. Make sure you order early so you can return unwanted items.

DIY Wedding

Don’t be afraid of a little extra work. You might find that a DIY (Do it Yourself) Wedding is your best option. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Wedding planning almost always takes longer than expected. Ask for help from family and friends and keep a smile on your face! We hope your wedding is everything you dream of!

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5 Benefits of Hiring Wedding Professionals

November 20, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Budgeting, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips, Weddings

Do it yourself wedding are trending right now but there are definite benefits to hiring professionals. The biggest benefit of a DIY wedding is that it doesn’t cost as much but is that enough to make it worth it? From photographers to wedding cake artists, sometimes a pro is worth the extra money. Here are 5 benefits of hiring professionals to help with your wedding planning.

Time is Money
Planning a wedding on your own is one of the most time consuming things you can possibly sign up for. If you don’t have a job, this might be a good option but taking time off work to plan your wedding costs you money. Sometimes it’s less expensive to have a professional help.

Low Stress
DIY weddings usually sound like a blast but most brides learn that it’s a lot more stressful than they were expecting. Hiring a professional wedding planner to keep your wedding organized is one of the best ways to keep your stress level to a minimum. Your wedding should be pleasant and exciting, not stressful!

If you have never planned a wedding, how can you expect things to turn out as nicely as someone who does it for a living? It might look easy but trust us; wedding planning is more complicated than it looks. Another note, DIY weddings usually turn out more casual. If you want a formal and elegant wedding, a wedding expert is your best bet.

Freedom on the Wedding Day
What DIY brides don’t realize is that the day of the wedding is when a large portion of the work is done. You can plan ahead to a certain extent, but everything comes together the day of the wedding. Getting ready for the wedding is work enough; you don’t want to add everything else on top of that. Hiring wedding pros allows you to show up and enjoy your wedding when the time comes.

Problem Solving
As your wedding approaches, you’ll learn that problems arise throughout the entire planning process. The scariest thing is that many of these problems arise on the day of the wedding. This can be anything from the wrong flowers showing up to not enough food for unexpected guests. If you are planning on your own, chances are you’ll just have to live with the hiccups. However, most professionals are prepared for problems to arise and they know how to quickly problem solve.

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Photo Friday!!! Here is our favorite wedding photo from this week!

October 3, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

We absolutely love this engagement photo and there is no question why it’s our choice for photo friday. It’s cute, romantic and original. This couple reminds us of a classic romance. Congrats to the happy couple!

We’d love to see your favorite wedding photos so please share! Just send them to If we decide your photo is the best, we’ll post it for other brides to see!

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5 Ways to Stay Relaxed for the Big Day!

September 16, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

wedding preparation

As you already know, wedding planning is stressful. The stress tends to build and build as you approach the wedding day. When it comes down to it, you have 2 options; you can either be stressed on your wedding day or you can find ways to relax and make the day more enjoyable. Here are 5 suggestions that will help you to relax as you approach your wedding day.

Get a professional massage
If your wedding planning experience has been more stressful than anticipated, get a professional massage the week of your wedding. We recommend doing this at least 2 days before the wedding do to muscle soreness that commonly follows a massage. We don’t want you having sore muscles on the big day.

Go on a date
You would be surprised at how many couples fail to spend quality time together throughout the wedding planning process. We highly recommend going on a date with your fiancee the week of your wedding. No double or group dates; just the 2 of you. Avoid discussing wedding planning issues, just have a good time.

Hit the gym
Exercise is an excellent way to clear your mind, meditate and relieve stress. Whether you prefer the gym, going for a swim, run, or walk, your body needs some attention especially during your wedding week.

Hit the pause button
Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is hit the pause button. Take a break from what you are doing and just think. Go for a drive or sit on the porch and just meditate. Sometimes it’s a good thing to think through your wedding plans and other times it’s good to clear your mind of all wedding issues. Having a clear mind will help you tremendously during your wedding.

Girl time for the Bride, Guy time for the Groom
Aside of the bachelor and bachelorette parties it’s nice to spend time with your friends. So for all you brides, if you are stressed we subscribe some time off to hang with your girlfriends or sisters. For grooms, hang with the guys whether it be watching a big game, playing video games, or whatever else you enjoy doing.

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This Weeks Top Photograph!!!

September 5, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Don Polo Photography

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for us to unveil our favorite wedding photo for this week! Thanks to Millennial Falls for providing this stunning photo. The photo was taken at Millennial Falls Reception Center. This photo was taken by Don Polo Photography. We love that this photo tells a story. The photographer captured the wedding guests captivated by the ceremony wedding ceremony. Every person including the bridesmaids and groomsmen have their eyes on the bride and groom.

Congrats to the bride and groom on their picture perfect ceremony. Best wishes on starting your new life together!

We would love for you to share your favorite wedding photo! If you would like to share your photo to help inspire other Utah brides, please submit your photo to

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Finding Time for Wedding Planning!

September 3, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Wedding Planning

Today’s post is for the brides who have little time for wedding planning but still don’t have the funds to hire a professional wedding planner. No matter how impossible it might seem to plan a wedding, there is always a way to do it. We hope these suggestions help.

First Things First
Above all else, the most important step is to give yourself enough time to prepare. There is nothing worse than being behind schedule while wedding planning. You have probably heard that it takes 3 to 6 months to plan a wedding. Keep in mind that if you have a hectic schedule it could take even longer.

We don’t recommend a long engagement so if you have a crazy schedule we suggest having some ideas in mind before you are even engaged.

The best advice we can possibly give is to finish the big things first. Take care of your venue, catering, flowers, gown & tux, cake, music, etc. first. We continually see brides spending too much time on insignificant details and neglect the important things.

Time Management
A few hours here and there can add up over time. If you only have a few hours per week to plan, instead of having a panic attack, be patient and make the best of your time. You’ll notice that consistency and hard work will really add up.

Ask for help
Don’t be afraid to follow tradition and involve your family in the wedding. Your loved ones can make all the difference in the world during your wedding.

Delegate some of the work load to loved ones and see your stress vanish. Be careful that you don’t overwork them but in most cases family and friends want to be involved in your wedding.

Enjoy the Journey
This might be one of the most stressful times of your life but don’t forget that it should be the happiest time of your life. No matter how hectic it may be, take some time to enjoy the journey.

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Finalize Your Wedding Plans With Who, What, When, Where?

August 19, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Wedding Planning Advice Utah
In today’s post we’ll help you have a clear idea of how to take the stress away on your wedding day. Planning your dream wedding has been a long journey and lots of work. Once the special day arrives, it is crucial that you are fully prepared so that you can enjoy every minute of your wedding.

Wedding Day Needs
You will be completely overwhelmed if you aren’t completely prepared for your wedding day. You need to iron out every detail beforehand. Your vendors need to have a clear understanding of set up times, guest count, and event schedule. You need to have your schedule laid out “to the T”.

We want you to enjoy your wedding day. You shouldn’t have to deal with stressful matters.  By following this suggestion you can enjoy your wedding without being pushed over the edge by being underprepared.

Who? What? When? Where?
The best way to prepare yourself for the wedding day is to determine Who, What, When and Where for each aspect of your wedding. For example: to finalize preparations for your flowers you need to…

Who: Determine who will be helping arrange them, who needs to pick them up, who will be setting them up and so on.

What: Determine what needs to be done. Make a list of everything that needs to be done before your flowers are completely finished and ready for the wedding.

When: Make sure your schedule is extremely detailed. What time do they need to be picked up? What time can you start setting them up? When do they need to be finished? The more detailed you are the smoother your finalizations will be.

Where: Next determine where the flowers are going; be as detailed as possible. Do they need to be in 2 different places (at the reception location as well as the ceremony location)? Also be detailed as to which arrangements will go on which tables and so on.

If you have detailed answers of Who, What, When and Where for every aspect of your wedding, your stress will be minimal on your wedding day.

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The Groomzilla!

August 14, 2014 : Advice for the Groom, Wedding Blog, Weddings

Wedding Planning
We have written a few warning posts about “bridezilla’s”. In the wedding world we are starting to see a new word surface; “groomzilla”. Today’s post is dedicated to teach you about the dreaded “groomzilla”!

What is a Groomzilla?
A groomzilla is exactly what you are thinking; it’s a male version of a bridezilla. If you follow the popular wedding television shows, you have probably seen a groom that oversteps his bounds and causes contention during the planning process. From trying to take charge of every small detail to being overly opinionated about the brides dress, even a groom can take it too far.

How far is too far?
As a groom’s opinion is certainly important, some grooms are stubborn and want everything their way. A groom has overstepped his bounds when he overpowers the thoughts and opinions of his bride. Make sure you put your future wife ahead of yourself. A note to brides: it’s important that you are happy but make sure that you are both happy.

Traditionally the bride and her family are in charge of the wedding. If you are planning a wedding traditionally we suggest that the groom take a step back and let your future family take charge of the wedding.

Our advice to the Groom
If you are a groom we suggest that you help your bride make big picture decisions but leave the small things to her. Help make decisions when it comes to the budget, the honeymoon, the guest list, and so on. When it comes to colors, decorations, and flowers wouldn’t you rather have a happy bride than have your way?

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Advice on Hosting 2 Wedding Receptions

August 6, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Planners, Wedding Traditions

Wedding Receptions
Every couple has different family situation. Every couple comes from a different cultural background. The need for 2 separate wedding receptions has become very common.

Why would a couple need 2 wedding receptions?
Couples who come from 2 different places often need for a second wedding reception. Instead of flying half of the family out for one reception; a couple can have one wedding reception in each of their home towns. This will give more of your loved ones the opportunity to celebrate your wedding.

Couples who come from separate cultural backgrounds often host a wedding reception patterned after each of their cultures. This can be an exciting way to celebrate 2 separate cultures and adding to the celebration.

How can you best handle twice the work?
Planning 2 wedding receptions is twice the work but doesn’t have to be twice as stressful. The most important piece of advice we can give you is to utilize your family and friends. Planning 2 receptions on your own is close to impossible. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family.

The best way to organize your reception planning is to have each family in charge of one of the receptions. Have the bride’s family in charge of one receptions and the groom’s family helping with the other reception.

Scheduling 2 Receptions
Don’t feel that you need to cram 2 receptions into the same day. You can have one reception on the wedding day and another reception a week later. Our point is that there is no reason for you to overwhelm yourself. There is no rule that says everything needs to be on the same day.

Most Important
The most important thing you need to do is enjoy your wedding. This is the time of your life and it deserves to be celebrated. Enjoy this moment and remember it for the rest of your life!

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Preparing for a Big Wedding!

July 31, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Planners, Wedding Tips

Celebrate your Wedding!

We are writing today’s post for a specific group of brides. We’d like to discuss some of the important aspects of planning a wedding for a large group. Planning a big wedding can be very difficult but when successful, it’s extremely rewarding!

Booking Your Venue

First, Make sure the venue is the perfect size. How many guests will be in the venue at one time? If you are having an open house reception, don’t make the mistake of thinking every guest you invited will be in the facility at one time.

Guests come and go so it makes it difficult to determine. Ask the venue owner for his/her expertise on guest count. Make sure the venue is big enough to accommodate your guests at the busiest time of night but small enough that it doesn’t feel empty during the slower times.

Is there plenty of room in the venue for entertainment? You might find a venue that has the capacity to hold all of your guests but make sure there is plenty of room for music and dancing.

Hiring a Caterer
Feeding your guests can be one of the most challenging aspects of your wedding. There is a lot that you have to get right so we recommend making a list of each of your questions and desires and taking them to a few professionals. As usual, our suggestion is that you meet with more than one professional to make sure you find the best match for your wedding.

When scheduling your wedding events keep in mind that the more guests there are the longer it will take for them to get from one place to the next. Make sure you give your guests enough time to arrive at each location.

Make sure you have something for your guests to drink and snack on while they are waiting for the events to start.

Don’t Stress
As large weddings are generally more stressful, try to find ways to avoid the stress. If you have the money it’s worth hiring professionals to help with your wedding. This takes much of the stress away.

Realize that no matter what happens, you are going to be married to the love of your life. Weather your wedding goes perfect or not this should be the best day of your life!

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Finding the Best Price!

July 21, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Budgeting, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Golf Course Weddings Utah

When it comes to wedding planning, most brides are at least somewhat concerned with finding reasonable prices. Since most brides end up spending more than anticipated, we’ll share some price shopping suggestions in today’s post.

Saving money doesn’t mean settling for less!
Brides usually think that less money means less wedding. It’s important that you realize that this isn’t always the case. If you spend the time to find the right wedding vendors, you’ll be able to get far more for your money. So it will take more time, but it will be worth it.

Compare Prices
The most important suggestion we have is to meet with several wedding vendors before you make your choice. This takes more time but you can be sure that you find the vendor that best meets your needs. You can always find someone that will be willing to work with your budget.

Don’t be Afraid to Say No
If you find a vendor you love but can’t afford them, don’t be afraid to say no. It’s better to find a better match than to go into debt.

Negotiation: It doesn’t hurt to ask!
The first step to negotiating price is to make it clear to your potential vendors how much you are able to spend. In many cases, the vendor won’t even have to make a price cut. Most vendors have budget friendly options.

If you can’t afford the asking price don’t be afraid to offer a lower price. Many vendors would rather take less money than lose you as a client all together. Be respectful and thank them if they reject your offer.

Don’t Forget…
As you are working with your wedding vendors don’t forget to be peasant. If you treat your vendors well, they will return the favor and your wedding will be more enjoyable.

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Here is our Favorite Wedding Photo from the past Week!!! It was taken at Louland Falls

July 11, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Salt Lake City

Finally it’s time for us to share our favorite wedding photo from the past week! Love is in the air and the wedding season is here. There isn’t a more perfect time for a wedding!

It should be obvious why we selected this photo. The location is absolutely gorgeous! The setting for this wedding ceremony is simply stunning. This photo was taken at Louland Falls near Salt Lake City, Utah. Louland Falls is one of the highest rated wedding locations in the Salt Lake City area!

Congrats to Louland Falls on the photo of the week! If you would like to submit a photo for the photo of the week contest please send it to

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It’s Wedding Photo Friday!!

June 20, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Wedding Photography

We are almost speechless when trying to describe our favorite wedding photo for the week. All we can say is… well, we love it! This photo is a work of art. Every bride needs a photo that expresses love in a unique way. This photographer did an excellent job.

Please submit your wedding photos to Happy wedding planning!!!

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Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring!!!

June 18, 2014 : Advice for the Groom, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips, Weddings

Utah Weddings

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding experience; and finding the perfect ring is a crucial part of getting engaged. We can’t find the perfect ring for you but today we’ll give you our thoughts on finding your perfect ring.

Difficulties of Ring Shopping
One unique thing about finding your ring is the fact that your groom will be the one buying it. Traditionally the bride shouldn’t see the ring until the groom pops the question. This can be hard for brides because they want the ring to be perfect.

Another difficulty with ring shopping is finding the perfect ring that falls within your budget. For some brides, this seems to be impossible.

Helping Your Groom Find It!!!
Every couple has a different situation so giving advice about this subject is difficult. However we have learned that most couples at least talk about marriage before the groom pops the question.

It’s important that the groom knows exactly what you are looking for before he buys a ring. You will be the one wearing it your whole life; so you better love it!

Our first suggestion is to find your ring online and show him photos of what you are looking for. Our second suggestion is to have a friend or family member play middle man. Take a friend ring shopping and show them exactly what you are looking for then have your loved one help the groom find your ring.

Find a Ring You Can Afford
It is SO IMPORTANT that you find an affordable ring. If you want a pricey ring, start saving. It isn’t fair to put your groom in a situation where he has buy a ring he can’t afford.

We all know that diamonds are expensive. If you want a diamond ring and can’t afford it you have a few options.

Many brides want a large stone so they buy a man-made diamond with intentions to replace it with a natural diamond in the future. Man-made diamonds look very similar to natural diamonds for a fraction of the price.

Rings with dozens of small diamonds are in style. Many small diamonds are far less expensive than one large diamond. We encourage you to at least look for rings that have lots of small diamonds.

Love Your Ring
Once the ring is on your finger, love it! Don’t be the bride that is always wishing she had something else. Most brides find rings they like more after the wedding. Fall in love with your ring and make it your favorite!

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Our Favorite Wedding Photo for the Week!!!

June 13, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

We are so excited to share this week’s most impressive wedding photo! This photo was taken at Millennial Falls Reception Center in Draper, Utah. The photo was taken by Brody Dezember. Photography.

The reason this photo is our favorite is because… Well, we love everything about it! The photo is nothing short of fabulous. The bride and groom look fantastic. The garden area at Millennial Falls has offered the backdrop for a stunning photograph. Congrats to the bride and groom on their marriage. This photo will be a token of their wedding day for many years.

Please share your favorite wedding photos! Submit them to

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How to Ask for Cash as a Wedding Gift

June 11, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Wedding Advice
Brides are constantly asking us how to politely ask for cash instead of traditional wedding gifts. Since times are changing and cash has become one of the best gifts, we are dedicating today’s post to the topic.

For the most part wedding guests are more than happy to help the bride and groom by offering money. However, asking for cash can be awkward and embarrassing. Your number 1 concern is to find a way to ask for cash that is inoffensive and tactful.

Have Loved Ones Spread the Word
We have learned from trial and error that the best way to ask for money is to have someone else do it… The most tactful way to ask for money is to have your parents and loved ones to spread the word.

We have seen brides ask for money in their wedding invitations. It’s a little tacky and isn’t the most successful approach.

Register First then Spread the Word
If you are asking for money should you still register? Yes, it’s important to register because some of your guests still prefer to buy a normal gift.

Once you have registered have your parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, siblings and so on casually suggest to other guests that you could use the money.

Not everyone will get the message but you will have a number of wedding guests contribute to your savings as you start your new life!

Word of Caution
One problem with asking for money is that it puts some wedding guests into a difficult situation. Keep in mind that many of your guests have limited funds. If they give you a small amount they still deserve a large thank you. It’s the thought that counts and not about how much is given.

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Our Top Choice for Wedding Photo of the Week!

June 6, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Wedding Photo of the Week!

We are extremely pleased with our choice for this week’s top wedding photo! Congratulations to the happy couple; and to the photographer for capturing the emotion of this special day. This photo was taken at Ivy House in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This photo tells the story of the entire wedding day. As you can see, the bride and groom are leaving the reception to start their new lives together. Their smiling faces show their overwhelming love for each other. Sparklers light the way as they walk the path to their new future. We love this wedding photo!

We would love to see your favorite wedding photo! Please share it with us by sending it to

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How To Save on Wedding Decorations

June 2, 2014 : Budgeting, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Don’t let your wedding expenses get in the way of being engaged. Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things and you don’t want to balance it with negative energy by focusing on how much the wedding will cost (or go over budget). There are always ways to save, especially when it comes to wedding decorations. Instead of feeling like you can’t include many decorations due to the cost, get creative and find other ways to decorate your venue on a budget!

Holiday Weddings
If you’re planning on having your wedding close to a holiday, perhaps theme your celebration to that holiday! For example, if you’re having a mid-December wedding, find a venue that will already come decorated for the holidays. A hotel is a great place to look. Not only do they usually have seasonal décor up, but they would also be convenient accommodations for out-of-town guests. Your guests can stay right in the hotel where your wedding will be held!

There are thousands of ideas out there for DIY centerpieces. Set some time aside to do a little bit of research and see if it sparks any ideas. Creating DIY centerpieces is a great way to save some cash. Keep them simple and clean but make them unique so your guests will remember!

Something Borrowed
Finding something to borrow from a family or friend’s wedding is a great way to save on wedding decorations. Whether it’s something sentimental from your parents’ wedding many years ago, or if it’s decorations from your friend’s wedding a few months ago, have fun with it. If you borrow something, try to find a way to put your own spin on it.

Simply Bridal
We’d like to thank our friends at Simply Bridal for writing today’s post!

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May 30, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Dahliah's Flowers Salt Lake City

We can’t believe it’s already Friday! You know what that means. It’s time for us to reveal our favorite wedding photo for this week.

This week we couldn’t resist this simple photo of the bride bouquet. It is one of our favorites and this week’s number 1! Every bride needs a photo of her bouquet. What we love about this photo is that it’s simple but not boring. Simple can be elegant if the photographer captures the photo perfectly. Congrats to the lovely bride who held this bouquet!

Please share your favorite wedding photo’s with us! Send them to Have a great weekend!

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Finding the Right Day for Your Wedding

May 28, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

SLWR Wedding Blog
As you approach your wedding you need to make a decision on when the wedding will be. This is as important and a difficult decision. Today we’ll discuss our thoughts on finding the perfect day for your wedding.

The most important thing to consider as you set a date:

Guest Turnout
It’s important that you choose a day that is convenient for your guest. Of course your wedding is all about you, but the day will be even more special if each of your loved ones can make it.

How to assure a high guest turnout:
First off, don’t expect everyone to make it to your wedding. On average brides see about 50% of their guest list present on their wedding day. There are however a few things you can consider that might make your wedding more convenient for your guests.

Obviously you don’t want your wedding to be on the exact day of a holiday due to loved ones already having plans. Having your wedding on a holiday weekend is a common idea for brides. In our opinion, it’s best to avoid holiday weekends as well.

Over time we have learned that people generally make plans on holiday weekends; even on the less significant holidays. Plus down the road it will be difficult to celebrate an anniversary when your kids want to enjoy a holiday together.

Day of Week
Another important decision you should make is which day of the week you’ll have your wedding on. Here are a few things to consider:

Friday and Saturday seem like the perfect nights for a wedding but over time, Thursday weddings have great turnouts. This may be because people are more prone to have plans on weekends.

Avoid Sunday weddings. We have seen that religious activities have a large impact on guest turnout. Monday night weddings are generally under-attended as well.

Sporting Events & Other Busy Days
It’s crucial to pay close attention to future events as you approach your wedding. If your wedding lands on the same day as a sporting event, concert, or charity event your guest turnout will be affected.

We Wish You The Best!
After all of this advice, don’t over stress about the decision. It’s impossible to find a day that works for everyone. Keep in mind that the most important people to please are you and your immediate family. Enjoy your wedding!


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Here is this week’s top Photo!!!

May 23, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

It’s time for us to share our favorite wedding photo of the week! This week we fell in love with a photo that expresses personality. A bride and groom that drive away in a golf cart must be an exciting couple! This photo expresses love in an exciting and youthful way. This photo was taken at Stonebridge golf club in West Valley City. Congrats to the happy couple!

We would love to see your favorite wedding photo. Submit your photos to We are so happy for your wedding! We hope your experience is everything you have dreamed of. Best of luck!

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Using the Web for Wedding Planning

May 21, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

In today’s post we’ll be briefly discussing the power of the web for wedding planning. The internet has come a long way in the past 10 years and has become one of the most valuable wedding planning tools available.

The internet will simplify your wedding planning, save time, and give you access to the latest styles and ideas all at the click of a mouse.

Time is valuable, especially when planning a wedding. The good news is that the internet will save you loads of wedding planning time. One of the best ways to save time is to use the internet to compare local vendors before going to visit them in person. You can access photos of their past work, and ratings and reviews of their service.

Sort through local vendors on the internet, and then visit your favorites in person. This will save you the headache of visiting dozens of vendors to find the best one.

Ideas Ideas Ideas!!!
The internet is full of fabulous wedding ideas. Thousands of brides have shared their weddings with the world through the internet. You can find photos of any wedding, style and bride. As you approach your wedding use the internet to find ideas for your wedding.

One of the latest and most impressive features of the internet is the ability to network with other brides. You can make new friends and meet new brides through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more. Use this to your advantage!

Education & Instruction
Last but not least is the endless education you have access to online. You can learn to create your dream wedding from scratch by learning from YouTube videos! Use the internet to learn how to solve your wedding planning problems!

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Take It With a Grain of Salt!

May 19, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

Advice for Brides
As you are approaching your wedding everyone will give you advice. Everyone will try to make important decisions for you. Because you have so many loved ones who want your wedding to be perfect, we decided to dedicate this post to teach you how to take advice with a grain of salt.

First and Foremost
As loved ones give you advice and voice opinions keep in mind that they are trying to help. They are there because they love and support you. This will help you to be respectful as you hear even the craziest ideas!

A Grain of Salt
It’s time for our warning! Loving advice isn’t always good advice! Most of wedding planning is a matter of opinion. Everyone has different styles and opinions. Our advice is to politely listen to all advice then take the good and leave the bad.

It’s Your Wedding!!!
Remember that you are the bride! That means in the end, all final decisions should be made between you and the groom.

Keep in Mind
It’s important to remember that when advice is given it is often great advice. We aren’t telling you not to take advice, we are simply helping you realize that you don’t need to take advice that you don’t like. It’s important to be happy with your wedding.

Be Respectful
Last but not least; be respectful to your loved ones as they help you with your wedding. Don’t be bossy and don’t be a bridezilla. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Enjoy this special time!

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It’s Wedding Photo Friday!

May 16, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Salt Lake Wedding Reviews

This week has flown by and it’s already time for us to share our favorite wedding pic from the past week.

Today we selected a classic photo that every bride needs. This is a photo of a bride and groom leaving the wedding as husband and wife. As you can see, they are ecstatic!

The happy couple is being showered in bird seed and the moment was captured perfectly in this lovely photo. The photographer has done an excellent job turning this moment into a work of art.

We are thrilled to have you as a reader, congratulations on your wedding/engagement. We would love for you to share your happiness. Please send us your favorite wedding photo! It might just win our photo of the week contest!

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Cleaning Up After Your Wedding

May 14, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Wedding Blog

In our last post we shared our thoughts on setting up and decorating on your wedding day. It’s fitting for us to dedicate todays post to cleaning up after the wedding and reception. As a bride, you’ll be leaving the cleanup to family and friends but there is still some planning that you’ll need to take care of.

Your Cleanup Responsibility
As a bride or groom, your wedding responsibilities include: getting married, and enjoying the party. Once the party is over you should jump in your car and drive into the sunset! Although you won’t be cleaning up after your wedding, it is your responsibility that you make sure it will be taken care of.

What to Expect
The cleanup responsibilities will vary depending on your situation. Are you using a reception center or having a backyard wedding? Does your reception center include cleanup in their prices? Make sure you know what is expected of you before you approach the wedding.

Even if you are using a reception center that includes cleanup you will need someone to take your wedding gifts, return rental equipment and cleanup any personal items that were used for the wedding.

Who Should Help
Cleanup is something that should be taken care of by your family, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Be sure to ask your loved ones to help. Make a list of what needs to be done and put your most trusted loved one in charge.

Once you have done your part, trust that your loved ones can take care of the cleanup. Get married, enjoy the celebration and don’t stress! Enjoy your wedding and have the time of your life!

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Setting up for your Wedding

May 12, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Weddings

Our post for the day will help you avoid making common mistakes on your wedding day. One of you most important wedding day responsibilities will be to set up for the wedding reception. This includes decorations, flowers, tables, chairs, etc.

Who should be helping?
Although you won’t be doing all the work yourself, this is your wedding and you need to make sure to be organized. Your family, bridesmaids, groomsmen and wedding vendors should be prepared to help.  You need to make sure you have the time to get ready for the day!

It’s important that you are fully prepared for setup. If you are renting a reception center, you’ll only have a few hours designated for set up. Make sure you have a list of things that need to be done. Also clarify who will be doing what.

Keep in mind that EVERYTHING takes longer than expected when it comes to wedding planning. Be sure to be ready to work quickly. We strongly recommend asking your vendors to show up early to set up.

Prepare Your Vendors
Your wedding vendors will be a huge help on your wedding day but you need to make sure they are aware of your plans. It’s your responsibility to make it possible for each of your vendors have the time and space they need to set up.

Our most important advice is this… do your best setting up then kick back and enjoy your wedding day!

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Photo Friday!

May 9, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Photo of the Week!

It’s Friday! Time for us to share our favorite wedding photo of the past week! Every week we select our favorite wedding photo and share it with our brides.

The best photos are those that display true emotion. It’s obvious that this couple is head over heels for each other. Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them the best as they begin their journey together.

We would love to see your best photo from your wedding. If you are approaching your wedding, we are happy for you! Best of luck as you approach your special day.

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Choosing the Location of Your Wedding/Reception

May 7, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Weddings

Choosing the perfect wedding venue!

Today we’ll help you make one of your biggest wedding planning decisions! We’ll help you decide which wedding venue you should choose.There are of a number of variables that should affect your decision as you select a wedding venue. The 3 most important variables are price, location and size.

It’s important that you decide how much you can spend on a reception center before you reserve one. Keep in mind that a reception center shouldn’t cost more than 40% – 50% of your total budget. You need to save money for catering, flowers, photography and so on.

Once you have set a budget, find a venue that will meet your financial needs.

As you choose a venue, keep your wedding guests in mind. For example, you might love the view from a reception center that’s nestled in the mountains. Sounds beautiful but will your guests be willing to make the trip?

The more convenient the location of your wedding, the higher guest turnout you will have. Location shouldn’t be the deciding factor as you select a venue but you should consider it as you search.

It’s obviously important that you choose a venue that has enough capacity to hold all of your wedding guests. What many brides tend to forget is that it’s also important to select a venue that isn’t too big. If your venue has the capacity to hold 400 guests and you only have 100 guests, your party will look under-attended.

Make sure you have a good idea of how many guests will attend your reception before you select a wedding venue.

Traditional Reception Centers
For many brides, a reception center is the perfect fit for their needs. Reception centers usually have close relationships with other wedding vendors. This can be a good opportunity to find quality vendors for reasonable prices.

In our opinion, you can’t go wrong by hiring a reception center! (Unless you can’t afford it)

Wedding Venues in Utah

Golf Course Weddings
Having a golf course wedding can be amazing! Golf course weddings are becoming more popular and can be an affordable way to have a classy and formal wedding.

Selecting a wedding venue!

Backyard Weddings
Some of the most beautiful weddings we have seen have been backyard weddings. If you want a backyard wedding keep in mind that it will require far more work than using a wedding facility. Backyard weddings can easily be more expensive than a reception center.

If you are still motivated to throw the wedding of a lifetime in your backyard, good for you and best of luck!

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Wedding Day Warning: Applying Your Makeup

May 5, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

Wedding Day Beauty TipsWe have discussed this topic in the past but it has been quite some time. The purpose of today’s post is to warn you. We do our best to help you avoid making the same common mistakes that many brides make. Today’s warning is a beauty warning.

You have been warned
Time after time we see brides go over the top with their makeup. With heightened emotions and trembling nerves, this is an easy mistake to make. Our important and simple warning is to be aware of your nerves as you get ready for the day.

Don’t try anything new
As begin to apply your wedding makeup, don’t try anything you haven’t done before. Don’t try new products or new techniques. We aren’t saying that you can’t be more formal with your makeup. We are simply suggesting that you practice applying your “wedding makeup” before the actual wedding day.

As you approach your wedding, figure out how you want your makeup and have several “dress rehearsals” before the special day.

If you are having your makeup professionally done…
If you are having your makeup applied by a professional make sure you know exactly what your makeup will look like. The best thing to do is give your cosmetologist some practice sessions before the wedding day. That way if you don’t like the turnout, you can sort things out before the wedding day.

You’ll Look Amazing!
Do your best to look your best, then enjoy your wedding day! Know that you look beautiful and enjoy the most exciting day of your life.

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This week’s top wedding photo!!!

May 2, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

West Valley City WeddingsOnce again, it’s time for our photo of the week! We love sharing these photos and appreciate the photos we have received. This week we had a hard time choosing between several great pics but we finally narrowed it down to our favorite.

Every bride and groom has to have a cake cutting photo. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a good close-up shot of this fun tradition but this photographer did a great job. The colors of this cake are wonderful and the bride and groom have a fabulous photo to show their children!

We would love to see your favorite wedding photos. Please submit your photo of the week entry to

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Western Gardens has been named Utah’s friendliest wedding vendor!

April 30, 2014 : Wedding Blog

Ivy House at Western Gardens and Atrium at Western Gardens reception centers are two of the salt lake areas fastest growing wedding facilities. In the past few years The Atrium and Ivy House reputations have gone from “the new guys” to some of Utah’s most desired wedding reception centers.

There are several reasons The Atrium at Western Gardens in Sandy, Utah and Ivy House at Western Gardens in Salt Lake City have been so successful. The two main reasons are: first, both facilities are absolutely stunning, and second Western Gardens staff and employees are the friendliest people around.

We have worked with hundreds of wedding vendors and have found that Western Gardens ownership, staff and employees are the friendliest wedding vendors we have had the pleasure to work with. For this reason, we have named and awarded Western Gardens the “Friendliest Wedding Vendors in Utah”.

“Western Gardens has been a pleasure to work with. We have chosen Ivy House for 2 separate family weddings and have been fully satisfied with their service to brides. Both venues have an astounding 5 star rating at These ratings have been determined by Utah’s brides. We professionally and personally recommend both Atrium and Ivy House to any Utah bride in search of the perfect wedding venue.” –Ryan Swayt: Salt Lake Wedding Reviews

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A Valuable Tip for Your Wedding Day Schedule!

April 28, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Weddings

Salt Lake City Wedding Blog Since your wedding day will be one of the busiest days of your life, we’d like to share some advice that will help you with your schedule. Applying this simple suggestion will help your wedding run smooth and take some of the stress away.

A fact that can’t be argued!
We feel comfortable saying that over 90% of brides run late on their wedding day, whether the ceremony starts late or you take photos for longer than expected. If you are like most brides you’ll be behind schedule for at least part of the day.

Your Busy Day
You will have several events throughout the day; your hair/makeup appointment, wedding luncheon, photo shoot, ceremony, reception and more. This makes for an insanely busy day so be prepared!

Our million dollar advice applies to preparing your schedule for your wedding day. Simply plan extra time between each event! By scheduling a small amount of down time between each event, running late loses all of its stress.

We are not telling you to put several hours of time between each event. Add 30 to 60 minutes extra between each event. You may have to hit the hair salon a few hours earlier than expected but it sure beats having a room full of guests waiting for you.

An Additional Tip
If you take our advice, make sure your vendors are ready to go when each event is ready to start. You can’t start a wedding dinner on time if the food isn’t ready yet. Striving to be timely on your wedding day will lead to a pleasant experience for each of your guests.

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It’s Friday! Time for our pick for this week’s top wedding photo!

April 25, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Wedding Photos!

It’s Friday! That means it’s time for us to share our favorite wedding photo of the week! This week’s photo is a classic bride photo. Every bride needs a photo of the back of her gown. This photo expresses both elegance and beauty. This dress is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen.

We would love to see your favorite wedding photo! Please submit your photo of the week entry by sending it to If you are selected, you will be displayed at the top of our wedding blog!

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Being a Bride!!!

April 23, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

Wedding BlogToday’s post is for all of you future brides who can’t wait for your wedding. We’ll discuss bride basics, your responsibilities and how to enjoy your experience as a bride. We truly hope this post inspires you as you approach your wedding.

Bride Basics
As you approach your special day you are the center of attention. You will remember your wedding day the rest of your life. Your family and your groom’s family will come together to celebrate your future together.

You will be planning your wedding, entertaining loved ones and celebrating your marriage. Your wedding can be the best time of your life but it can also be the most stressful.

Your Main Responsibilities
There are a few important things you need to accomplish as a bride; and believe it or not your main responsibility is not to throw the greatest wedding of all time.

First and foremost, you need to enjoy yourself and have the time of your life. Next, you need to focus on being a strong companion to your future spouse. You will also need to be on your best behavior as you spend time with your new family.

How to enjoy your wedding!!!
The best way to assure an enjoyable wedding is to remember your main responsibilities. Your wedding is a celebration, not a competition. You need to strive to be a loving and kind fiancée, friend, daughter, and sister at this time.

Don’t stress over small details that can’t be changed. Don’t stress about anything that isn’t important in the long run. And don’t be a bridezilla. You can use your energy celebrating or stressing. We recommend using your energy to celebrate your new life!

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Remember to Smile!

April 21, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Advice for the Groom, Wedding Blog

Remember to Smile on your wedding day!Today’s suggestion is basic and obvious but we still feel it’s important. We want to simply remind you to smile. It’s obvious that you’ll smile in front of the camera but don’t forget to smile when you think nobody is looking; because eyes will be on you the entire day.

Why such an obvious suggestion?
The reason we feel the need to remind you to smile is because your wedding day will be one of the longest days of your life. Your feet will hurt; you will be hungry, thirsty and tired. When you are feeling these things, it’s important not to show it.

Some of the best wedding photos we have seen are taken candidly when the bride and groom aren’t expecting it. If you make sure to ignore the aches and pains and keep the smile on your face, your wedding photos will be outstanding!

How can you ignore aches and pains and put on a smile?
Make sure you take the time to eat. Drink plenty of water; it’s ok to take a bathroom break on your wedding day. Keep your favorite over the counter pain killer in your purse for achy feet and headaches.

Above all else, do your best to have a blast! Enjoy your wedding day the best you can and your guests will be able to see the joy in your eyes!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We are happy for you! Enjoy this special time.

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Patience in Wedding Planning

April 14, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Advice for the Groom, Wedding Blog

Salt Lake Wedding Blog

Today we wish to address a topic that will help every bride no matter her situation. No matter who you are, how much money you have, or how organized you are, your wedding won’t be without stress. Having patience will make your wedding experience more enjoyable.

The Importance of Patience While Wedding Planning
Whether you have patience or not the same problems will arise; so why not have a patient attitude? Having patience will not only help you enjoy your wedding more; it will also make you more enjoyable to be around.

Lack of Patience
Lack of patience can turn an excited bride into a classic bridezilla. Trust us; you don’t want to fall into this trap. It’s important to know that you can be both patient and have your way throughout your entire wedding.

Things that Test your Patient
There are many things that will test your patience throughout the wedding planning process. Among the most common are wedding vendors running late, last minute plan changes, food not turning out right, and more.

How to have Patience
Having patience doesn’t mean that you need that you need to ignore problems. You can be patient and expect your wedding vendors to deliver promised services at the same time. Our best advice on patience is to not over-react to things that can’t be changed.

Work your hardest to prepare your dream wedding. Once your wedding day comes, trust that your vendors will do their job and do your best to enjoy your wedding. Enjoy your wedding regardless of what happens.

If something doesn’t turn out as expected; ask yourself, can this be fixed? If not, then make do with what you have and forget about it. Don’t expect your wedding to be perfect and don’t stress about things that aren’t very important.

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Our Choice for Best Wedding Photo This Week!

April 11, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Heritage Gardens Wedding Receptions

Once again it’s time for our wedding photo of the week award. We have selected this photo for several reasons. Every bride needs a photo of her wedding guests having dinner. The problem is that this type of photo can be predictable and boring. This photographer changed things up and created a masterpiece.

There are two things the photographer did to separate this photo from a normal photo. First, the point of view in this photo is perfect. This photo was taken from above, looking down an elegant dining hall. And second, the photographer chose a black and white finish. In this case, black and white makes a current photo look vintage.

This photo was taken inside of the gorgeous Heritage Gardens Reception Venue in Sandy, Utah. We look forward to seeing your favorite wedding photos. Please submit your photo of the week entrees to support

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Wedding Tip of the Day! Leave Someone Behind!

April 7, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

Photo from The Cottage Yarrow
Today our intention is to save brides from a great deal of stress and tears with one simple suggestion. Time after time, wedding after wedding we see brides forget things.

This past week one of our brides left the belt for her wedding gown at home. Her wedding venue was about 30 minutes from her house. Her wedding was scheduled to start in one hour and rush hour traffic was starting. She had to send someone home to get her belt and the wedding started late.

Most brides are confident that this will never happen to them but one bride after another makes this same mistake.

Recognize that you have too much on your mind
First and foremost you need to realize that this is a stressful time and you are bound to forget something. It is close to impossible for a bride to remember everything on her wedding day.

Leave Someone Behind
This suggestion is so simple and can save you from stress and tears! Have a loved one stay at your house until you are sure you have everything. Make sure you are fully ready early enough that they can leave and make the wedding on time.

Use Your Bridesmaids
Remember that your bridesmaids should be there for you. Your closest loved ones are willing to help you with all of your needs.

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Here is our favorite Wedding Photo submitted this week! Photo from Heritage Gardens

April 4, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Salt Lake Wedding Reviews Photo of the Week

This photo is our staff pick for best wedding photo of the week! We love this photo for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s easy to see the love between this happy couple. The most important factor of a wedding photo is emotion. It’s obvious that both bride and groom are head over heels for each other. Next, a beautiful natural backdrop brings this photo to life! This photo was taken in front of the breathtaking Heritage Gardens Reception Center in Sandy, Utah.

We love wedding photos! Please share your favorite wedding photo with us by emailing it to If your photo is our favorite, we’ll post it on our wedding blog!

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Our Photo of the Week; Photo from Danielle’s Bridal!

March 20, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Holladay, Utah in Salt Lake City

We are pleased to share our choice for wedding photo of the week. This is a photo of  a Danielle’s Bridal bride. This photo is taken at the Utah State Capitol. This photo was taken by Farner Fine Art Photography. A gorgeous bride, a happy groom and an amazing backdrop make for an excellent wedding photo.

Feel free to share your favorite photo from your wedding. If selected as photo of the week, we’ll display it for other brides to see! Submit your photo to

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Spending Time With Every Wedding Guest

March 17, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Your wedding day will be one of the busiest days of your life. You will invite each of your loved ones and you’ll be expected to spend at least a brief moment with each guest. This can be a difficult task so we will share some suggestions that will prepare you to be courteous and respectful to each guest.

Wedding Guests
It’s important that you keep in mind that your wedding guests understand that you are busy. No matter how hard you try, some of your guests won’t get much of your time.

Our suggestion is to make every moment count. Do your best to communicate your gratitude for their presence and make them feel welcome; even if for a brief moment.

Spend Quality Time in Advance
It’s important that you make the best of the entire wedding week. Spend as much time as possible with your closest relatives before the actual wedding. Your bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and wedding luncheon are great opportunities for you to spend time with family and friends.

If you spend time in advance, your loved ones won’t be offended if they don’t get to chat as much on the actual wedding day.

Prepare for Long-Winded Wedding Guests
Be prepared for certain wedding guests who will demand lot’s of time. These individuals are usually friends and relatives that you haven’t seen for a long period of time.

Our first suggestion is to ask your family, bridesmaids, and groomsmen to help you. Ask them to pay attention to who you are speaking with. When you get stuck in a conversation for too long, one of your loved ones can come join the conversation. Then you can politely excuse yourself and greet more guests.

Have a Reception Line
Some brides don’t like reception lines but they can be one of the best ways to ensure that each of your guests gets a hug. A reception line is when the bride, groom and their parents stand at the head of the room while guest wait in line to greet you.

The Power of a Phone Call
You will have guests that love you but are too shy to cut through the crowd to greet you. If you realize that you didn’t get to greet one of your wedding guests you can simply call them on the phone and thank them from coming. This will make them feel appreciated.

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

March 11, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Traditions

Something Old, New, Borrowed, BlueWhether you hear it now or later, at some point in the wedding planning process you’ll hear the saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. Today’s post is for brides who have questions about this classic wedding tradition. We’ll discuss where the tradition came from and how you can apply this tradition on your wedding day.

Origin of Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
An old English rhyme is the root of this tradition. “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, a Sixpence in your Shoe”. This rhyme has led brides to either add these items to her wedding attire or carry them with her on the wedding day as tokens of good luck.

These items are traditionally given to you just before the wedding by your mother, sisters, and other family and friends. If your family forgets about this tradition, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself these gifts. Whether these tokens come from your loved ones or yourself, this is a fun tradition.

Something Old
Something old represents steadiness, endurance and continuity. Although traditionally these items were worn by the bride, it has become acceptable to have a vintage item as some part of the wedding. It can be anything from pulling up in a vintage car to borrowing an antique piece of wedding jewelry from a relative.

Something New
Something new is a symbol of positivity and optimism for your future together. This can be anything from new jewelry, makeup, or haircut.

Something Borrowed
Borrowing something from a loved one symbolizes borrowing happiness. This can be anything from borrowed jewelry to having the wedding at a borrowed location (such as a friend’s backyard).

Something Blue
The color blue represents pureness, loyalty, fidelity, and love. This can be anything from the grooms tie or blue eye shadow on the bride to a blue ribbon around the cake. It can be as simple as painting your toe nails blue (the bride that is).

A Sixpence in your Shoe
A sixpence in your shoe is a token of prosperity and good fortune as you enter a new phase of life. This remains a tradition in British culture. A sixpence is an English coin. If you choose to celebrate this tradition, you can choose a lucky coin and wear it in your shoe on the wedding day.


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Wedding Tip of the Day: Keep it Simple!

March 10, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Salt Lake Wedding Reviews Blog PostToday’s post is dedicated to one very important wedding planning principle. It’s so common for brides to get overwhelmed by things that aren’t significant. It is natural for brides to over complicate the wedding planning process. That is why today’s wedding tip is so keep it simple!

Keep it simple, show your personality, and don’t over-do it.
A common misconception is that you can’t have a simple and elegant wedding. Brides want their wedding to be special and elegant; this leads to many girls trying to re-invent the wedding. We see brides every day put an enormous amount of energy into creating a one of a kind wedding.

You don’t need to re-invent the wedding or spend tens of thousands of dollars to have a memorable wedding. Over-complicating things won’t make your wedding better. Money isn’t what decides how memorable a wedding is.

We suggest that you stick to the most important aspects of your wedding. The best way to make your wedding different from every other wedding is to intertwine your personality into each aspect of your wedding. This includes food, music, flowers, photos, and so on.

 Simple and cheap are two different things
Simple doesn’t mean cheap. You can spend as much or as little as you want while planning a simple wedding. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way. You can make an elegant center piece with only a few flowers.

Why keep it Simple?
We aren’t telling you not to spend your life savings on your wedding. The amount of money you spend is a personal decision. We are confident that every bride can have an amazing wedding for any price. It’s important to keep it simple because it makes your wedding experience more enjoyable.

The more complicated your wedding plans, the more stress you will experience. Your wedding experience should be enjoyable. It’s important that you do everything in your power to avoid stress and take time to enjoy yourself.

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It’s time for our wedding photo of the week!

March 7, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Wedding PhotosIt’s time for us to share our pick for wedding photo of the week. This photo is simple and classic. We love this photo because it expresses true love. This couple seems to be worry free and happy to be together. Every couple needs a “walking into the sunset” photo!

We encourage you to submit your favorite wedding photo for our photo of the week contest. If your photo is chosen, we’ll display it for our brides to see! Send your photos to

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Borrowing Money for Your Wedding

March 6, 2014 : Budgeting, Wedding Blog

Borrowing Money for WeddingsToday’s post will be short but very important. Not every bride has the money for her wedding; in fact, most brides don’t. We’ll share our thoughts on paying for weddings and borrowing money to do so.

A large majority of weddings are paid for by more than one person. Generally the bride and groom get together with their parents and divide costs between each family. In many cases, this joint effort to pay for a wedding still isn’t enough; this leads to borrowing money in form of loans and credit cards.

The Risk of Borrowing
We’re sure you already know the risks of having credit cards and borrowing money but here are a few of our thoughts.

The reason banks and credit card companies can offer an interest free loan for 6 – 12 months is because most people can’t pay back the debt in that time period. Every bride and groom that borrows is confident that they can pay off their debts within the year; but most couples fail to do so.

Being in debt will add unnecessary stress to you and your new spouse. Debt is one of the leading causes of marriage problems. We understand that sometimes borrowing money is necessary but we encourage you to be careful.

Should I Borrow Money for My Wedding?
Our advice is to avoid debt at all costs. If you absolutely have to borrow, try borrowing from your parents instead of the bank (if it is a reasonable option). In most cases, you can make a wedding work without going into debt.

What are my Alternatives?
First and foremost, start saving early. Expect your wedding to be expensive and start saving, even before you find your companion.

Second, cut back on costs. There is nothing wrong with having a budget wedding. In fact, we have seen some extravagant budget weddings. If you are smart with your money, you can affordably have your dream wedding.

If You Choose to Borrow
If you decide to borrow money, whether it is from your parents, a bank, or credit card; make sure you have a plan to pay the money back as soon as possible.

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7 Important Wedding Day Tips for the Groom!

March 3, 2014 : Advice for the Groom, Wedding Blog

Wedding Tips for the GroomSince it’s so common for groom’s to be under-prepared, we thought we’d step in and give some advice. Although the bride is the center of attention on the wedding day, the groom still plays a big role. If you do your part, your bride will have an amazing experience. Here are 7 suggestions that will help you impress your bride.

Make a list of your responsibilities
Talk to your fiance and ask for her help in making a list of your responsibilities. This will lighten her lode and relieve some stress throughout the day. Remember that making the list is the first step; you actually have to accomplish each task.

Make a list of responsibilities for your Best Man and Groomsmen
Bridesmaids naturally step in to help brides with wedding responsibilities. As for groomsmen, they are much better at celebrating the wedding than helping. They are your friends, ask for their help. Give them a list of things you need help with.

Put your phone away
Your new bride deserves your undivided attention. Putting your phone away is one simple way you can show her that you care.

Give your bride your time
Another way to show your bride is by keeping her by your side throughout the wedding night. Your groomsmen, your family and loved ones will want attention. Do your best to remain attached at the hip with your bride. Give attention to your loved ones together.

Give a Thank You Speech
Don’t underestimate how much your loved ones have helped with your wedding. Weddings take a tremendous amount of work. It’s important that your loved ones know your appreciation. Giving a thank you speech at your wedding will make your guests smile.

Spend time with your parents
Usually, the parents of the bride and groom put forth tremendous work to help with the wedding. Even if they didn’t help, they raised you! They deserve some extra attention at your wedding. Our advice is to give the most attention to those closest to you.

Don’t Forget to Dance
Your wedding day will be overwhelming and busy. It’s important that you take the time to make memories. This includes dancing.

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Wedding Photo of the Week; Ivy House at Western Gardens

February 28, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Photo of the Week from Salt Lake Wedding ReviewsOur staff choice for wedding photo of the week goes to a photo of the Ivy House at Western Gardens. This is a photo of the exterior of the wedding venue which is covered in ivy. The photo is absolutely amazing.

Ivy House has recently received the award for “friendliest wedding professionals in Utah for 2014”. Ivy House is located at the Western Gardens downtown locations directly west of the Trolley Square Mall.

We encourage you to submit your favorite wedding photo for our wedding photo of the week contest. The winning photo will be shared around the web as an inspiration to other brides. Submit your photos to

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How to Handle “The Wedding Jitters”

February 24, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Advice for the Groom, Wedding Blog

Overcome wedding day jitters!We are sure you have heard of the “wedding jitters” but let us start today’s post by describing these jitters. Most brides experience wedding jitters in one form or another. Wedding jitters can be anything from nerves and butterflies to anxiety.

Normal Wedding Jitters
Natural and normal wedding jitters are a combination of many emotions; including stress, excitement, joy, nervousness and more. Feeling a little anxiety and nervousness is completely normal. This is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Your family and friends have their eyes on you. Who wouldn’t be nervous?

Cold Feet
“Wedding Jitters” and “cold feet” are two completely different things; however sometimes jittery brides think they are having cold feet. Our advice is to avoid being superstitious; don’t think that if you are nervous it means you are making a mistake.

We are not saying that “cold feet” isn’t a real thing. We are simply saying that it’s common for brides to be emotional, nervous. This can lead to confused thoughts.

So how can you know for a fact that you are making the right choice? Our advice is to know for certain that you are marrying the right person beforehand. Be 100 percent sure that you are in love and ready for marriage before the wedding planning process.

How to Handle Your Wedding Jitters?

There are several things you can do to overcome your wedding jitters. Here are a few of our top suggestions:

  • Be sure to get plenty of rest. Lack of sleep will lead to heightened emotions.
  • Make sure you are eating healthy. It is common for brides to work so hard that they forget to eat.
  • Exercising is one of the best ways to clear your mind when you are nervous or stressed.
  • Going on frequent dates with your fiancée is the best way to keep your relationship strong throughout the wedding planning process.
  • Take time to breath. When you are stressed, overwhelmed, or nervous take some time for yourself. Meditate, relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.
  • Stay organized. Being unorganized will cause you to be overwhelmed and will make it impossible to be fully prepared to host your wedding guests. This will bring uneasiness and stress.
  • Be ready early. Finish your wedding preparations well before the wedding day. Being ready means no stress. If you don’t have to deal with last minute plans, your wedding jitters will be far more manageable.

These suggestions WILL NOT cure “the wedding jitters”!
In all honesty, there is no way to completely get rid of the wedding jitters. Having these emotions is natural. These suggestions will simply ease your stress and make it easier to enjoy your wedding. Following these suggestions will help you to manage your emotions and have a memorable wedding.

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Wedding Photo of the Week! The Cottage Yarrow

February 21, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Wedding Flower professionals in Utah Today’s photo of the week is beautiful. This photo is courtesy of The Cottage Yarrow in Draper, Utah. The Wedding Floral experts at The Cottage Yarrow are extremely creative and talented. We appreciate this amazing photo. The classic wedding cake photo is a must have for every bride! Flowers can take an ordinary wedding cake and transform it into something special.

Congrats to The Cottage Yarrow for winning our photo of the week contest. To see more floral arrangements from The Cottage Yarrow please visit Please submit your favorite wedding photo to We look forward to seeing your wedding photos!

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How to Avoid Running Late on Your Wedding Day!

February 19, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips, Weddings

Wedding Blog; Avoid Running Late on Your Wedding DayHave you ever been to a timely wedding that progresses smoothly through the night? Surprisingly, it’s pretty rare; but if you can pull it off your wedding guests will be impressed. Most weddings run behind schedule because of wedding photos, the luncheon, the dinner, and getting your guests seated on time.

In today’s post, we’ll share some suggestions that will help you have a timely and smooth wedding.

Prepare your vendors:
Let your vendors know about your desire to be timely throughout your wedding day. Make sure to establish a good relationship with your vendors so they will respect your wishes. We suggest offering your vendors a cash tip for being timely.

Prepare your guests:
Getting your wedding guests to be on time is nearly impossible, especially if you are hosting a large group. Our first suggestion is to inform your guests to be seated 30 minutes early. This won’t solve the problem completely but it will help.

Our next suggestion is to start serving food on time and stop serving food at least 30 minutes before the meal should end. This will help your lunch and dinner progress and end on time.

Last but not least, make a formal event schedule and give it to each of your guests. If your guests know starting and ending times they are far more likely to help you with your plans.

Prepare your bridesmaids and groomsmen:
Encourage your bridesmaids and groomsmen to set the pace and lead by example. As members of the wedding party start moving from event to event, your wedding guests will naturally follow.

Prepare yourself:
It is very common to see brides running late due to hair, makeup, and wardrobe issues. Make sure you are completely prepared for the wedding day. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Be organized and make sure your groom and loved ones are willing to help.

Don’t stress!
Do everything in your power to have a smooth and timely wedding but realize that some things are out of your control. If the wedding is behind schedule, don’t stress, just enjoy the wedding. Our best advice is to plan, prepare, and then enjoy your wedding.

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Wedding Photo of the Week provided by Every Blooming Thing and Pepper Nix Photography

February 18, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Salt Lake City Wedding Blog

Our choice for this week’s best wedding photo was taken by Pepper Nix Wedding Photography. The bride bouquet in this photo was created by Every Blooming Thing. Every Blooming Thing is one of Utah’s highest rated wedding florists. You can view more flower arrangements from Every Blooming Thing by clicking here. Please submit your photo’s for photo of the week to Happy wedding planning! Enjoy your wedding planning experience.

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Wedding Tip of the Day! Utilize YouTube!

January 29, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips from SLWR

Every so often we will dedicate our post to one simple wedding suggestion. Our goal with today’s suggestion is to help brides simplify their wedding planning process. Brides deserve easy access to wedding planning information.

Use YouTube to help with your wedding planning!
YouTube is a valuable source of wedding planning information. YouTube is a source of educational how-to tutorials to all sorts of wedding décor ideas. It’s as simple as having a question and searching for an answer at

Being well educated and having plenty of ideas will make your wedding experience smooth and simple. Using the internet is one of the easiest ways to save you time and stress.

Congrats on entering this new and exciting phase of life! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding planning journey. If you have any wedding related questions, please submit them in the comment box below. Who knows, we may even dedicate a post to answering your question. Happy wedding planning!

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Avoiding “Bridezilla” Tendencies!

January 28, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

Avoid bridezilla tendenciesEvery bride-to-be has heard stories about bridezilla brides. Most brides are sweet and loving but the fact is that sometimes stress brings out the worst in us. We don’t want you to fall into the bridezilla trap so we are dedicating todays post to our thoughts on the subject.

What is a Bridezilla?
A bridezilla comes across as bossy, rude, inconsiderate of others feelings and never satisfied. Keep in mind that we are saying “a bridezilla comes across as…” The reason we phrase it this way is because sometimes brides don’t realize they are acting this way.

Causes of Bridezilla Tendencies
There are several things that can eventually lead to bridezilla tendencies; but stress is at the top of the list. In most cases, brides are not naturally rude or selfish but handle situations poorly when stress arises.

First and Foremost
It is important to realize that nothing good will ever come from acting selfish and inconsiderate. We have heard brides mention that if they aren’t bossy, nothing will turn out how they want. This isn’t true! Wedding professionals dread working with the occasional bridezilla. Every wedding vendor we have met is more likely to go the extra mile for brides that are a pleasure to work with.

Overcoming Bridezilla Tendencies

Get rid of stress
Our first suggestion is to get rid of your stress. Keep in mind that wedding planning in general is difficult so you will need to prepare yourself to handle difficult situations without getting overly stressed. The best way to do this is to live a healthy lifestyle. Get plenty of sleep, exercise often, eat healthy and take time off when you need.

Think about others
Your wedding is about you! This doesn’t mean that you are the only person that’s important. Treat those around you with respect. Have gratitude for the help you have received. Say please and thank you to those helping even if you are paying them to do it.

Don’t expect perfection
A perfect wedding is impossible. Be prepared for hick-ups along the way. Expect your vendors to do a great job but be patient when they make mistakes. If something needs to be fixed or re-done, be thoughtful as you mention it.

Have fun
The most important thing you can do is have fun. If you are enjoying your wedding then so will others. If you have a smile on your face and laugh often, it will rub off on those around you. Your wedding will by far be more enjoyable.

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3 Suggestions on Fixing Wedding Day Mishaps

January 27, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

This bride is a taylor bridal brideAs you approach your wedding you will do everything in your power to ensure a perfect day. Something that we have learned is that no matter how much work is put forth; problems can still arise on your wedding day.

You can prepare the best you can but it’s important to understand that there are certain things you don’t have control over. This can be anything from vendors being late to getting a flat tire on the way to the wedding. Whatever the problem is, we’ll share our top 3 suggestions on solving wedding day mishaps.

First, Be Mentally Prepared
Time after time we see brides get stressed and blow up when a problem arises. Stress only makes things worse. Make a decision before your wedding that you will have a good attitude and enjoy your wedding day no matter what. Turning into Bridezilla never works. Go into your wedding knowing that something will go wrong and you’ll have to come up with a quick solution to a problem. Stay relaxed and enjoy your wedding day!

Second, Be Ready for Wedding Day Mishaps
We can’t stress enough the importance of being prepared. Problems will arise; having a backup plan will change the outcome of any problem that arises. For example, if your caterer is late make sure you have a way to entertain your guests until the food is ready. If you get a flat tire, have a friend close that will help out when needed.

Third, Let Your Loved Ones Help
Your wedding day should be the time of your life. You shouldn’t have to feel stress and fix problems. Utilize your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Having nice photos isn’t the only reason you have bridesmaids and groomsmen; they should be there for you in times of need. When problems arise on your wedding day ask your loved ones to help fix them.

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This is our choice for wedding photo of the week! Happy Wedding Planning!

January 24, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Salt Lake Wedding Reviews Weekly Photo
Our choice for photo of the week was given to us by Taylor Bridal. This bride is absolutely amazing. When religion and culture define a wedding, amazing things happen. Thank you Taylor Bridal for sharing this photo! Congratulations to a beautiful bride! Please email your favorite wedding photo to Congrats on your engagement and happy wedding planning.

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Top 3 Beauty Mistakes Made by Brides!

January 21, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

Wedding Brides in Salt Lake City
Trust us when we say that we understand what you are going through. We work with brides every day. Looking gorgeous on your wedding day is more than important! Every bride wants to look beautiful. Since we have seen many brides make beauty mistakes on their special day; we would like to warn you to avoid these mistakes.

Too much makeup
Obviously wearing makeup on your wedding day is a must! But time after time we see brides go overboard with the makeup. It is very common for brides to apply too much makeup. This can be because brides are nervous, or many other emotions.

Our advice is to either hire a professional makeup artist or to stick with a makeup routine that you are already good at. Don’t experiment with something new on your wedding day.

Extreme weight loss
Every bride wants to look skinny for their wedding photos. We understand your desire to look perfect in your photos. Some brides tend to forget that it’s better to look healthy than to look skinny. When brides take extreme measures to lose weight, there are other side effects. These include pail skin, acne, bags under eyes and more.

If you want to lose weight before the wedding, make sure you start a healthy diet and exercise plan months in advance. Losing weight too quickly is unhealthy and it shows in your complexion.

Acne prevention
Brides have nightmares about having pimples on the day of their wedding. We have seen countless brides attempt to prevent pimples by trying new acne treatment on the week of the wedding. The problem with this is that if your skin isn’t used to a new treatment it can actually make your acne worse!

Make sure you find an acne solution that works months in advance. Switching to something new at the last minute is a recipe for disaster!

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7 Things That Will Bring Your Wedding to Life!

January 20, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Salt Lake City brides will benefit from these wedding tips.
The more weddings we attend, the more we notice small details. We have attended average weddings, dry weddings and we have attended amazing weddings. We want to share our thoughts on how to take an average wedding and turn it into an amazing wedding with just a few small details.

Keep in mind that there are many other things that make weddings memorable. Today’s post is meant to give you a few simple ideas that will help bring life to your wedding.

It has been a classic tradition for the groom and his party to wear tuxedos. As of late, we are seeing more grooms and men wear suits instead of tuxedos. In our opinion, both suits and tuxedos are great. Our simple suggestion is to add a boutonniere to each of the men in the wedding party. Whether you choose suits or tuxedos, boutonnieres make men look classy!

Photo Booth
Most brides choose to hire a professional wedding photographer. We have found that brides who don’t hire a photographer regret it. Another fun way to spice up your wedding photos is to have a photo booth set up at your wedding. Many wedding photographers are offering photo booths at very reasonable prices.

Live Music or Professional Disc Jockey
We understand that hiring a wedding musician from be expensive. Our advice is to do your research before you rule this option out. There are pianists, guitarists and other musicians that are very reasonable. Live musicians including solo artists, bands and disc jockeys can change the entire feel of your wedding.

Hot Food
Hot food makes people feel good. The only down side of serving a hot meal is price. Feeding a few hundred people can be pricey. Hot hors d oeuvres and appetizers can be an affordable substitute for serving an entire meal.

Hot food smells great. This changes the attitude of your wedding guests. Even if you are serving hot desserts, there is just something about hot food that can’t be beat.

Dinning the lights a bit can bring a completely different feel to your wedding. If you feel like your wedding is under-decorated, try dimming the lights and adding some candles and rope lights. This might be exactly what you are looking for.

Child Care or Entertainment
If you are trying to have a memorable wedding, it’s important to keep your guests minds on the wedding and nothing else. Taking care of kids is as important as feeding growling stomachs. If your guests children start acting up they’ll leave the wedding early. Make sure to provide child care or some form of entertainment for the kids. This can be anything from games to movies or even video games.

Interaction with Guests
Have you ever attended with a wedding where you can see the bride and groom from a distance and can’t even find the right time to pull them aside for a hug? It’s impossible to spend quality time with each and every one of your guests but there is an alternative. Be as interactive as possible. Plan games, dance and plan activities that make your guests feel like they are “with you” instead of “watching you”.

We are so happy about your engagement! Your wedding will be wonderful. Make sure to take the time to enjoy the time of your life. Applying any of these 7 tips will make your wedding even more amazing!

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It’s time for our wedding photo of the week!

January 16, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Salt Lake Wedding Reviews

It’s time for us to share our staff pick for wedding photo of the week. We appreciate the photos that we have received! We encourage you to send us your favorite wedding photo. If we select it as photo of the week we’ll share it with all of our brides!

This photo is a classic “feet shot”. Every bride needs a photo like this one. The bride’s flower bouquet adds a nice touch of color. This photo was pulled from our collection. We hope you enjoy it! Happy wedding planning!

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Top 3 Wedding Planning Headaches!

January 14, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

Overcoming wedding stress
As you plan your wedding, you will come across some stressful situations. Today we’ll share our thoughts and opinions on the top 3 wedding planning headaches. We feel that if you are aware of these potential stresses, you will be able to better prepare for them. Here are our top 3 wedding headaches in no particular order.

Money is great if you have plenty of it. If you don’t, it will cause more headaches than anything else. This is true both before and after your wedding. Not having enough money to have your dream wedding will break your heart.

So how can you avoid these headaches? Here are 3 easy steps to take your wedding planning money problems away. First, start saving now! Save as much money as you possibly can for your wedding.

Second, be frugal. You shouldn’t have to pay full price for your dream wedding. There are plenty of ways to save money on your wedding. Get creative.

Third, don’t borrow money. You might thing putting the wedding on a credit card might seem like a good idea at the time but listen… It’s not! You don’t want to start your marriage with wedding debt to pay off. You are better off spending less on your wedding.

Not having enough time to plan your wedding can be as stressful as money problems. The hard thing about this is that you won’t see the stress coming until your wedding month.

There are a few ways to ensure plenty of wedding-planning time. First, make sure you give yourself at least 4 to 6 months to plan the wedding. Many professionals will recommend at least a year but we don’t think a full year is necessary.

Next, make sure you do the majority of the planning in the first few months. Procrastination is not an option when it comes to wedding planning. If you work hard from day 1, you will have plenty of time to plan your wedding.

Being unorganized as you plan your wedding can cause more problems than anything. If you are not an organized person, it’s time to change!

Make sure you have a method of being organized. Whether you make a wedding planning binder or use your computer, it doesn’t matter; what does matter is that you get organized. Keep track of dates, phone numbers, your guest list, your vendors, and so on.

Our Promise
We promise if you are prepared for these 3 wedding planning headaches, you can overcome any wedding stresses. You will have a fabulous wedding and you’ll enjoy lasting memories.

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3 Tips for Planning an Informal Wedding

January 10, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Salt Lake CityLet us start off by saying that we love weddings. We love formal weddings, destination weddings, big weddings, small weddings and even informal weddings. The most important thing we can tell you is this: your wedding is about you and your fiancée! Bring your personality to the table and enjoy yourself.

Informal weddings can be a blast. If you are planning an informal wedding, here are a few suggestions that will help your wedding turn out how you expect.

Personality is essential
Showing your style and personality in your wedding is the only way to be happy with the turnout. Your loved ones should smile and say “that’s so her!”

If you don’t show enough personality in an informal wedding, people will have the impression that your wedding is “cheap”. Remember that “cheap” and “informal” are very different. Even if you are having an informal wedding because you can’t afford anything else, you want your guests to be under the impression that you wanted an “informal” wedding.

A theme can change everything
If you are planning your wedding and things just aren’t clicking, try adding a theme. A theme can be the perfect solution to your wedding planning problems. A wedding theme can take a wedding from “cheap” to “informal”.

A great theme example is a “luau wedding”. Instead of a formal black tie wedding, your guests can show up in shorts and flip flops as you roast a pig! If you can’t think of any wedding themes, think of your culture. Bringing culture to a wedding is a great way to show your friends who you are.

Have an objective in mind
Many brides try to take their guests breath away by spending money on extravagant décor, delicious food and classy music. Although formal weddings are enjoyable, there are other ways to impress your wedding guests.

Have a clear idea of what you want people to remember about your wedding. What is more important, food or music? Photography or flowers? What look and feel are you hoping to create? Decide what is most important to you and plan your wedding around those things.

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Here is our photo of the week! And happy New-Year!

January 3, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Salt Lake Wedding Reviews Photo of the Week!

Our choice for this weeks best photo goes to another gorgeous bride from Danielle’s Bridal! Thanks Danielle’s Bridal for sharing beautiful photos with us! If you want to submit a photo to be voted on for photo of the week, email it to us at Oh, and Happy New Year from Salt Lake Wedding Reviews!

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Wedding Planning Preparation: 3 Tips for Starting Early

January 2, 2014 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Tips for beginning the wedding planning process at an early age.We have mentioned time and time again to start your wedding preparations as early as possible. We aren’t saying that it takes years to plan a wedding but the more prepared you are the easier it will be. If you want to be prepared for your wedding a few years in advance, here are 3 suggestions on what you can do:

Save your pennies
As we all know, weddings are expensive. One of the biggest mistakes brides make is borrowing money for their wedding. Putting a wedding on a credit card always causes stress. The last thing you want to do is start your marriage in debt.

Start saving your money as soon as possible. If you set aside a small percentage of your income in preparation for your wedding, we promise you will be happy with the decision. Don’t expect your parents or your fiancés parents to have the money; if they do, great but be prepared to pay for your own wedding.

Keep in mind that the wedding isn’t your only expense, from the honeymoon to a hefty deposit on an apartment or home; you’ll need all the money you can get.

Collect Ideas
The more thought you put into your wedding, the more beautiful it will be. As you attend weddings, keep track of what you like and what you don’t like. Use the internet to find wedding ideas. You will find that you’ll continue to discover new and better ideas.

Start Networking
It’s not always about how much money you have. Sometimes knowing the right people is the key to an unforgettable event. Make friends with wedding professionals. If you meet someone who has worked with brides, ask them to refer you to more wedding professionals.

Knowing the right people can be a solution to each of your wedding planning problems. From finding the best photographer in town to stretching your budget; wedding professionals will always give the best advice.

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7 Beauty Tips for Wedding Brides!

January 1, 2014 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Fashion

Beauty tips for Salt Lake Wedding brides.It’s time to start preparing for your wedding day. You’ll be front and center and you want to be looking better than you’ve ever looked. As you know, looking good comes at a price; it takes time and effort to look stunning. Here is our short list of 7 things you can do to beautify yourself on your wedding day.

Looking Slim
It has always been important to brides to look slim on the day of their wedding. Some brides follow extreme diet’s and exercise programs. You shouldn’t go to extreme measures to slim down for your wedding day. Once you get engaged, start living a healthy lifestyle until the wedding. Eat healthy, be active and have a steady and consistent sleep schedule.

Aside from being healthy, we do have one simple trick that will make you look slim. Choose a wedding gown that compliments your body type. There are thousands of dress styles to choose from; ask your bridal shop ladies to help you find something that makes you look slim. Be flexible and be willing to take advice from your wedding gown professionals.

Every bride has nightmares about having a bad hair day on their wedding day. There are a few things you can do to avoid this. First, make sure you are not trying a new hairstyle for the first time. If you have a specific hair style in mind, make sure to try it out before the wedding. If you are having your hair done by a professional, make sure you have a pre-wedding hair appointment to make sure you like the hairstyle.

Second, don’t wash your hair on your wedding day. The oils in your hair make it look natural and help it hold your hairstyle longer. Wash and condition your hair the night before the wedding. On the morning of your wedding day, rinse your hair with water to get rid of bedhead.

Our makeup suggestions are similar to our hair suggestions. Don’t try something new on your wedding day. If you are going to a professional makeup artist, make sure you have a pre-wedding appointment or “practice run”.

Don’t try any new product/makeup on your wedding day. Make sure you use makeup that you already know looks great on your skin. If you are unhappy with your product, start trying new makeup a few months in advance.

Avoid Acne
Acne is another thing that brings nightmares to brides. The best way to avoid acne is to be healthy. Avoid sugar at all costs, get adequate sleep, drink lots of water and eat your fruit and veggies. Don’t try new product before the wedding; find products that work well in advance to ensure consistency for your skin.

Don’t begin applying this step the night before the wedding. Start preparing your skin months in advance. Stress causes acne so have a steady exercise schedule and take time to relax. Call your dermatologist and ask for advice on what to do if you wake up with a pimple.

Healthy Tan Skin
Time and time again we see brides hit the tanning bed the week of the wedding and come out with a sun-burn. We understand that you want to look tan for your wedding day; just don’t make drastic changes the week of the wedding. If you have never had a spray tan, don’t get one for the wedding. If you don’t go tanning regularly, don’t do it the week of the wedding.

It’s important that you start tanning gradually months before the day of the wedding. Your normal/natural skin color is far better than sunburn or a spray tan gone wrong.

The wedding gown and the wedding ring are the most important parts of your attire. Everyone will ask to see your ring so make sure you have clean and beautiful hands.

Many brides want acrylic nails for their wedding day. If you want to get your nails done, great! If acrylic nails just aren’t you, then don’t have them done; but make sure to get a manicure to ensure soft and clean hands.

Healthy and Happy
Our final and most important suggestion is to be healthy and happy. If you are healthy and happy it will show in your complexion. No amount of makeup in the world can hide stress. Do your best to live a healthy lifestyle. Take time for yourself; meditate, read, sing. Spend quality time with your fiancé. Being happy will make you look more beautiful than anything else.

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3 Simple Ways to Avoid Wedding Stress

December 30, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

Wedding Planning Advice for Brides in Utah
Planning your wedding can be one of the most stressful times of your life. You’ll be planning a party for all of your loved ones; you’ll be preparing your new home together, planning a honeymoon, opening bank accounts, and continuing your courtship.

In today’s post we’ll share 3 simple suggestions that will help you avoid stress throughout your wedding planning experience. We have previously shared our thoughts on wedding stress and we will share them again. If you apply these tips as you plan your wedding, your wedding experience will be enjoyable.

Take a break
One of the most important suggestions we can make is that taking a break is essential. When situations get stressful, don’t be afraid to walk away and come back later. Don’t be afraid to take a weekend off and spend normal time with your fiancée. Taking time for yourself is one of the most important things you can do.

Be healthy
Time and time again we meet brides who are so caught up in wedding planning that they forget to take care of themselves. They stay up late planning, get up early, forget to eat and neglect exercise. We don’t need to lecture you about the importance of diet and exercise but remember to take care of yourself. Going for a run or getting a good night’s sleep can be the perfect solution to a stressful situation.

Be organized
Organization plays a huge role in how stressful your wedding is. If you are behind schedule, unorganized or forget something the stress will flood in. Being organized takes time in the beginning but saves you both time and stress in the long run.

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3 Tips for Creating Wedding Memories!

December 24, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Weddings

Creating wedding memories by Salt Lake Wedding ReviewsThere are literally thousands of things you can do to create lasting memories throughout your wedding experience. Every bride is different and has her own opinions and ideas. Creating memories is one of the main reasons brides spend so much time and effort planning a wedding celebration. We came up with 3 suggestions that will help each bride as she strives to create lasting memories.

Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer
In the past we have shared alternatives for brides who can’t afford to hire a professional wedding photographer. Yes, there are alternatives and you can have a memorable wedding without a photographer; but a photographer helps the memory last forever.

Almost every bride who does not hire a professional wedding photographer expresses regret. Quality wedding pictures are priceless. We strongly encourage you to do everything you can to hire a professional photographer. If it takes you a year of scrimping and saving, so be it. Shop around and you will be able to find a photographer for an affordable price.

Invite Everyone that’s Important to You
Having your closest family and friends at your wedding will make your day more enjoyable. We have talked to many brides who are thinking of cutting their guest lists to save some money. In our opinion it is better to spend less money per guest than to cut your guest list.

Try serving dinner buffet style or serving dessert only. Would you rather have more of your friends at the wedding or have a fancier meal? Most brides would prefer to have more guests.

We understand that some brides prefer to have a small wedding with only immediate family and closest friends. We are not trying to talk you out of a small and cozy wedding. Just don’t let money be the deciding factor as you choose your guests. Decide who you want to be at your wedding, and cut costs in other areas if necessary.

Don’t Procrastinate
Brides who are prepared will enjoy their wedding day. Finalize all of your plans well in advance. If you are making preparations the week of the wedding, you should have been more prepared. Yes, there are things that must be done on your wedding week, but have your plans made well in advance.

Being fully prepared for your wedding day will take the stress away. You will be able to enjoy being a bride. You will have the wedding of your dreams.

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Our Pick for Photo of the Week!

December 20, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Salt Lake Wedding Reviews Photo of the Week Congratulations to Stone Gate Center for the Arts for having their photo voted this week’s number one photo! The Manilla Ward Chapel was built in 1898. In 2011 the church was restored and is now known as Stone Gate Center for the Arts. Stone Gate is one of Utah’s premier wedding venues and continues to amaze brides. This photo was taken in the Grand Ballroom at Stone Gate. To see more photo’s of this amazing venue click here.

To submit a photo for our photo of the week contest, please email your photo’s to To vote on your favorite photo, browse through our site, find your favorite photo and leave a comment on the page of the photo. Feel free to leave questions and post requests below.

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Wedding Planning 101

December 19, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Weddings

Utah's number one wedding blogWe take it that you are either engaged or are at least talking about marriage with your significant other; so we’ll start by saying congratulations! You are most likely experience a variety of emotions including excitement, anxiety, and nervousness. You are excited and in love but have no clue how to plan a wedding. We would love to help you get started. Here are our thoughts on the very basics of wedding planning.

What is my goal as I plan my wedding?
It’s important to know what you are trying to accomplish as you approach your wedding preparations. It’s simple; you’ll be married and host each of your loved ones for a party. See, that’s not so complicated.

Get Organized ASAP!
We have said this many times but the most important aspect of planning a wedding is organization. This includes being organized with money, tasks, schedule and so on. Keep track of potential vendors, their pricing and what they have to offer. Keep track of important dates and which tasks need to be finished first.

We promise, if you are organized throughout this process, you will have an enjoyable wedding experience.

Keep it simple
The more complicated you think wedding planning is, the more complicated it will be. Remember, you are hosting a party for each of your loved ones. Keep it as simple as possible and your stress will stay minimal.

Keeping your wedding simple doesn’t mean you can’t have the celebration of a life time. All we are saying is that you shouldn’t over complicate things.

Work With Professionals
There are thousands of local wedding professionals in your area. Take advantage of their experience and let them assist you with your wedding. Wedding professionals will be your best friends throughout the planning process.

Ask for Help
Planning a wedding is difficult and is something that shouldn’t be done alone. Take as much help as you can get. Ask family and friends to help with wedding preparations every step of the way. If you have adequate help you will have the time of your life!

Time is More Valuable than Ever
Make sure you give yourself adequate time to prepare for your wedding. You will hear other wedding professionals say that you need 18 to 24 months but we disagree. We feel strongly that a wedding can be appropriately prepared for in 4 to 6 months.

Other wedding pros may think that we are crazy for saying that 4 to 6 months is enough time to plan a wedding. We are confident that if you have help from your loved ones, work effectively with wedding professionals, stay organized, and use your time wisely; you can plan an amazing wedding in a brief time.

Stay Calm and Enjoy Yourself
As you prepare for your wedding, you will come across stressful situations. You’ll have to make tough decisions. Follow our advice and stay relaxed. Don’t overreact to small mishaps. Strive to enjoy your wedding experience and you will have a memorable wedding. If you have any questions or need additional advice, let us know in the comment box below.

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3 Tips That Will Lead to a Stress Free Wedding

December 18, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Planners

utah wedding planning
You are well aware that wedding planning will be stressful no matter what. Having a party at your home is stressful; this is planning a huge party on the most memorable day of your life. Today we thought we’d share 3 suggestions that will help you start off on the right foot.

Be organized from the beginning
Everyone has their own style of being organized. To be honest, it doesn’t matter how you organize; what matters is that you are organized from day one of the wedding planning process. If you choose to make a wedding planning binder, great! If you would rather use your smart phone or computer to organize, that’s fine too. Being organized will save you from stress more than anything else.

Establish a Wedding Budget
It’s important to set a spending budget for your wedding before you spend any money. Many brides make the mistake of booking a venue before they set their budget. This can lead to overspending or cutting in other areas of the wedding.

Set a budget and stick to it. Remember, it’s not a guideline or a goal. Your budget should be firm. Make sure to stay organized with your spending so you can stay within the budget. Most importantly, don’t go into debt for your wedding. Putting your wedding on a credit card causes stress later on.

Take Time to Smell the Roses
We meet brides that are always in a hurry. They act as if it’s always time to get things done. These are the brides that are always stressed. Approach your wedding planning adventure with a relaxed and laid back attitude. Do your best to enjoy the journey. Take breaks often and give yourself plenty of time to plan. Take plenty of photos and laugh every day.

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Here’s the Photo of the Week!

December 13, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Photo of the week presented by Salt Lake Wedding ReviewsCongratulations to Danielle’s Bridal for having this weeks top Wedding Photo! This is a photo of Kimberly, a stunning bride wearing a Danielle’s Bridal gown. Danielle’s Bridal shop is located in Salt Lake City Utah. For more information give them a call at (801) 272-1146 or click on the photo above!

To enter into our photo of the week contest, email your best wedding photos to We would love to see your wedding!

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Beginning the Wedding Planning Process!

December 12, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Blog Post for Wedding Brides in the Salt Lake areaFirst of all, congratulations on your engagement! We hope that your wedding experience is everything that you imagined. We understand that you are excited about this new phase in your life and you probably have a few questions. Today our goal is to help you have a clear understanding of where to get started after your engagement. We will discuss the first steps of wedding planning.

Set a Budget
We know that setting a date for the wedding is important but we decided to list setting a budget as your first priority for your wedding planning. The reason we recommend starting with a budget is that once you set a date, your natural tendency will be to book a wedding venue. Decide how much you have to spend and make a detailed outline of where you think the money should go. This will help you stay out of debt more than anything else.

Set a Date
Step two is to set a date for your wedding. As you set a date, do your best to choose a convenient time for your guests. Do your best to avoid busy travel times. You can even look ahead and make sure you are not getting married on the same day as a major sporting event, charity event or other events.

Book a Venue
Step 3 is to find a wedding venue that is a good fit for each of your wedding needs. Consider the location of your venue, the size of your venue and the price of your venue. Do not procrastinate booking a venue. Most reception centers are in high demand and can be booked more than a year in advance.

Get Organized
If you aren’t organized from the beginning you don’t stand a chance at getting organized later on. Our recommendation is to make a wedding planning binder. Divide the binder into categories giving each aspect of your wedding its own section. Wedding planning is stressful enough; being organized will make your experience far more enjoyable.

Announce Your Engagement!
You may have already told your closest family and friends about the engagement. Now that you have a time and a place, you can make it known to the world!

Wedding Planning Questions
We have shared enough information for you to get started but that doesn’t mean you don’t have questions. Leave your questions in the comment box below. We might even make a blog post specifically for you. Happy wedding planning!

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The Stories behind Common Wedding Traditions

December 11, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Weddings

Written by Salt Lake Wedding Reviews expert author.Most wedding brides plan their weddings and include the wedding traditions that have stuck with us for hundreds if not thousands of years. Have you ever wondered why we do certain things? Have you ever wondered why brides toss the bouquet? Or why we wear our rings on our third finger? In today’s post we will teach you the meaning behind some of these timeless traditions.

The Wedding Bouquet
Why do brides carry a bouquet? It’s not just because they look nice. The reason flowers play a significant role in weddings is because they represent fertility. Early bouquets were made of herbs.

Tossing the Bouquet
Today, the single ladies gather behind the bride and try to catch the wedding bouquet. It is believed that the lady who catches the bouquet will be the next to be married. This tradition began in England. Women would attempt to tear pieces from the bride’s gown and flowers to acquire some of her good luck. The bride would then attempt to escape the crowd of women by tossing her bouquet and running away.

The Wedding Ring
The wedding ring represents an eternal circle which never ends. This is a symbol of endless love. Wedding rings have been worn on the third finger of the left hand for thousands of years. The romans believed that the vein in the third finger runs straight to the heart; and the left hand because the heart is on the left side.

The Groom on the Right, the Bride on the Left
Thousands of years ago, it was common for grooms to defend their brides. The bride stood on the left of the groom so that he could draw his sword more easily with his right hand.

The Best Man
In ancient times, women would be captured by men who wanted them as their brides. The groom would ask his strongest friend to help him protect his bride throughout the wedding. This friend was known as the best man.

Layered or Tiered Wedding Cakes
In ancient Anglo-Saxton England wedding guests would bake small cakes and bring them to the wedding. They would stack their cakes on top of the original wedding cake. Many years later a baker from France made a similar cake, and covered it in frosting; this started the traditions of our modern layered wedding cakes.

Today the job of a bridesmaid is to support the bride throughout the entire wedding experience. In the past, the bridesmaids would dress like the bride in an attempt to confuse evil spirits that might be present during the wedding.

The Bride’s Veil
For many centuries brides have worn veils as a symbol of virginity, modesty and youth. The veil also had a purpose in protecting the bride from evil.

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5 Tips on Making your Wedding Day Photo Shoot a Success!

December 10, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Wedding PhotographySince wedding photos are one of the most important aspects of your wedding, we’d like to share a few suggestions on making your photo shoot run smoothly. It’s important that you are prepared for your photo shoot. These wedding day photo shoot suggestions should help.

Have a plan
First and foremost, you need to have a plan for your photo shoot. Make sure both you and your photographer know exactly what types of photos you are expecting. Make sure you choose your photo locations ahead of time. If you begin without a plan, your photo shoot will take longer and your photos won’t turn out as nice.

Have a back-up plan
Having a plan is important but keep in mind that things don’t always go as planned. Make sure you are prepared for bad weather. Even make a plan for a condensed photo shoot if you are running behind schedule. Brides never have as much time as they expect.

Be photogenic
Has there ever been a time when your hair and makeup have been perfect in every way; then when you take a photo, it doesn’t look good at all? Some hair styles just don’t look good in photos. Your makeup doesn’t always look the same in the mirror and in a photograph.

Here is how you can make sure you will look photogenic on your wedding day. Before the wedding day, do your hair and makeup as if you were getting ready to be married; then take a photo and see how you look in the photo. If you don’t like the turnout, try something different.

Assign a traveling stylist
At the beginning of your wedding day, you will likely have your hair and makeup done by a professional. It can be expensive to hire a stylist for an entire day. Choose a friend (probably a bridesmaid) that is talented with hair and makeup. Keep her with you throughout the day to keep you looking nice.

Stay calm
Have you ever taken family photos in the middle of a family feud? If so, you understand that stress shows in photographs! Your wedding day has the potential to be stressful. If you allow stress, it will show in your photographs. If you keep your cool and enjoy the day, you will glow in your wedding photos!

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7 Wedding Day Suggestions for the Groom!

December 9, 2013 : Advice for the Groom, Wedding Blog

Every Salt Lake City Groom should be well educated about their wedding day responsibilities.The Groom has certain responsibilities but usually doesn’t know what they are. In today’s post we wish to help the wedding day go more smoothly for our grooms. Above all else, remember that your bride should always come first. If she has a wonderful day, so will you.

Number 7
Start your day early. Keep in mind that almost everything we do takes longer than expected. Have you ever said that you’ll leave for a road trip by 6:00am sharp? Have you ever made it out on time? Get up early enough to make up for unexpected hiccups. Your bride might need your help.

Number 6
Eat a good breakfast. The benefits of breakfast are obvious; we won’t spend time convincing you that it’s important. What we will say is that you will be nervous and anxious and good food in your stomach will be a huge help.

Number 5
Pack your bags. Be ready to go the night before. Bring everything you could possibly need for the day. This includes cologne, deodorant, pain reliever in case of headaches, antacid in case of stomach aches, hair gel, snacks, water bottles and anything else you can think of.

Number 4
Look your very best. We fully understand that it doesn’t take men long to get ready. Your bride will be spending hours beautifying herself for your wedding day. Make sure you look better than you have ever looked. Make sure your hair is perfect. Show your bride that you want to look good for her.

Number 3
Keep your groomsmen in line. Your groomsmen might treat your wedding like the party of the century. Make sure they fully understand how special this day is for your bride. Make sure they are helpful and respectful to your wedding guests and to the bridesmaids.

Number 2
Keep your cool. Your wedding day has the potential to be one of the most stressful days of your life. Being prepared is the key to a smooth wedding; however, realize that things don’t always go as planned even when you are prepared. Keep your cool and don’t over react. Most importantly, help your bride keep her cool.

Number 1
Enjoy every second of the day and put your bride first. We mentioned earlier that if she has a great day, so will you. You put all this work into having a memorable and enjoyable day; now it’s time to enjoy it. You should love your wedding day and remember it for the rest of your life.

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All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

December 5, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Planners, Weddings

Planning a wedding in Salt LakeIn today’s post we want to discuss all-inclusive wedding packages. Planning a wedding is stressful and it’s expensive. As you plan your wedding, you will probably be hiring professionals to help with your wedding. Hiring professionals is costly and time consuming. All-inclusive wedding packages can be less expensive and make your life much easier.

What is an All-Inclusive Wedding Package?
An all-inclusive wedding package is when a handful of wedding professionals get together, offering their services as a package.

There are a few different types of all-inclusive wedding packages:

First, packages that include literally everything you need for your wedding. This includes wedding invitations, cake, flowers, photography, the venue and more. These packages are usually offered by reception centers.

Second, there are packages that include everything you need for you wedding with the exception of a venue. This type of package is usually offered by professional wedding planners who have teamed up with other wedding professionals.

Third, some all-inclusive packages are flexible. You will have the opportunity to choose the services that you would like and you are not required to use every service that’s available.

Wedding planning is extremely stressful! One huge benefit of an all-inclusive wedding package is that wedding professionals will take care of everything. Your only job is to tell them what you want. Imagine showing up at your wedding and everything is taken care of!

Many brides think that all-inclusive packages are too expensive to afford. Keep in mind that you are paying one price for everything. It might sound expensive at first, but when you do the math it’s almost always cheaper. In most cases each wedding professional is discounting their service in an all-inclusive package.

How do I find All-Inclusive wedding packages?
Wedding packages are almost always offered by reception centers or wedding planners. Your best option is to call your favorite reception centers and wedding planners and ask about special deals and packages. You can also find great offers and packages at local wedding shows.

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10 More Money Saving Suggestions for Our Brides!

December 4, 2013 : Budgeting, Wedding Blog

This article was written by our expert author at Salt Lake Wedding Reviews
Today we want to address that quality is important when it comes to your wedding. From quality materials to quality vendors, every bride deserves a nice wedding. Some brides think they can’t afford to hire quality wedding professionals but we hope to teach you how. Trimming and cutting back on unnecessary expenses is crucial; if you are smart with your decisions you can make your money go a long way.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you trim some of your wedding expenses:

Comparison Shop
We have mentioned this before but we can’t overstress it; the more time you spend looking for good deals, the more money you will save. If you are on a tight budget, compare different wedding vendors and find the deal that suits you best.

Remember, quality is important. Finding a great deal and finding the cheapest price are two very different things. Look for good deals instead of the cheapest prices.

Give New Businesses a Shot
There are hundreds of wedding professionals that have spent years building their brand or name. These professionals can charge a higher price for their services. If you can’t afford their services, give a new professional a shot. Make sure you check their portfolio to make sure they can offer quality work.

Use what is in season
It’s easy to find good prices on food and flowers that are in season. If something is out of season, you have to pay top dollar to get it. Every season has its delicious foods and beautiful flowers. Take advantage and use what’s in season.

Buffet Style or Family Style
The more servers you need, the more expensive your catering will be. If you serve your guests family style or buffet style you can get away with less than half the servers you would normally need.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dessert
Serving dinner to each of your wedding guests can cost a fortune. Having a morning or mid-day wedding reception can make hiring a caterer more affordable. If you can’t afford to serve dines but have your heart set on an evening reception, serve dessert only.

If you serve dessert only at your reception, make sure to start your reception a little later than usual so that your guests can eat dinner before they come to the reception.

Simple isn’t a bad thing
Many brides like their weddings to look expensive. We are hope you realize that it doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive. One mistake brides make is over-decorating. Having simple but nice decorations can look fancy and expensive. Staying simple can cut your budget more than anything else.

Borrowing saves money
There are some things that brides want to buy so they can keep for the memory. A wedding gown is one of those things; but what about bridal accessories such as shoes and jewelry? Borrowing the less significant things will cut your budget significantly.

Hire your vendors for a shorter amount of time
Having a wedding band brings a classy vibe to any wedding. Some brides immediately think that they can’t afford a wedding band or a DJ. What most brides don’t know is that you don’t have to hire wedding professionals for the entire night.

For example, ask your wedding band if they are willing to play for one hour. Have the band come for the first dance, and the main part of the reception then bring your own music to play in the background for the rest of the event. You can even hire your photographer for an hour or two instead of the entire day.

Take advantage of public facilities
Every city has public facilities that are available for weddings at very low costs. Public museums, libraries and even city buildings often have banquet rooms that are available for weddings. We have seen amazing receptions at public parks.

Honeymoon Cruise
Every couple deserves to be treated like royalty on their honeymoon. The only problem is that a resort-like experience can cost an arm and a leg. Look for cruises several months in advance. You can book cruises and airfare for very affordable prices if you book in advance.

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Top 7 Wedding Benefits of the Salt Lake City Area!

December 2, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips, Weddings

Salt Lake City, Utah is one of America's finest wedding locations!We understand that Salt Lake City doesn’t rank among the world’s most popular wedding destinations but we are lucky to have such a great city. “Most popular wedding locations” does not mean “best wedding locations”. Today we want to discuss why weddings the Salt Lake City, Utah area are one of America’s best kept secrets.

Thousands of Wedding Professionals
In the Salt Lake City area there are over 4,000 wedding businesses. There is a huge variety of wedding professionals for every bride no matter her style or her budget. From large wedding businesses to one man photographers, Salt Lake has it all.

According to a survey by “The Knot” Utah is among the top 3 cheapest states to get married in. The results came from over 20,000 brides. We take pride in our reasonably priced wedding professionals. You can take a deep breath and realize that you can be taken care of without spending your college fund.

Variety of Scenery Settings
Towering mountains and a flat valley floor makes possibilities endless for Salt Lake brides. There are very few places where you can have a wedding on the valley floor then drive 20 minutes to the mountain top for your reception. The Salt Lake area has more variety than almost any place on earth.

Stunning Views
The towering mountains not only bring variety but offer breathtaking views. Every season has its amazing views in Utah. Snow covered mountain tops, gorgeous sunsets, or colorful autumn leaves offer perfect backdrops for your wedding.

4 Seasons
Salt Lake City not only has beautiful scenery but 4 seasons. Every bride has different opinions about weather on their wedding day. Would you like a hot wedding, a warm wedding, a wintry wonderland wedding? It doesn’t matter what you like, with a Salt Lake wedding, you can have it.

Dry Weather
Humidity can be a huge irritant on your wedding day. It can mess up your hair and make you and your guests sweat like never before. An often overlooked benefit of being in the Salt Lake area is the dry weather.

If you think traffic in Salt Lake City is bad, try visiting America’s most popular wedding destinations. We know rush hour can be stressful but traffic in Salt Lake is mild compared to many other cities. If you avoid rush hour, you can get from one end of the valley to the other in less than 30 minutes. This makes it much easier for your guests to travel on your wedding day.

In short, we think that Salt Lake City is one of America’s best places for a wedding. Why pay thousands of dollars to travel somewhere that isn’t necessarily a better wedding location? Have your wedding in Utah!

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Wedding Photo of the Week!

November 27, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Photo of the Week!

Wedding florist in Utah

For today’s post we thought we would keep it simple and share our favorite wedding photo of the week. You are welcome to submit your photos to us by emailing them to We would love to see them!

This week’s top photo is of a one of the most stunning wedding cakes we have seen all year. This cake was decked in flowers by The Vintage Violet Wedding Florists! Great job to The Vintage Violet! Here it is:

We hope you enjoy our favorite wedding photo of the week!

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The Pros and Cons of having a Holiday Wedding

November 26, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Weddings

Salt Lake Wedding Reviews; Holiday WeddingsToday we are posting about having a holiday wedding. When we say “holiday wedding” we are referring to having your wedding on a holiday or close to a holiday. For example, Thanksgiving weekend or between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Some brides love holiday weddings and others don’t. Having your wedding over the holidays has pros and cons; we’ll discuss them to help you make your final decision.

The pros of having a holiday wedding
Having your wedding during one of the most exciting times of year can be wonderful and memorable. There are many benefits to having your wedding during Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

First, it’s a time when people are home with their families. Summer weddings are great but summer vacations affect the number of guests that attend your wedding. Yes, people still travel for the holidays but they are usually traveling home. The best thing to do is ask your closest friends about their travel plans.

Themed weddings are exciting. It’s always fun to bring the holiday themes into your wedding. Nothing beats turkey dinner and pumpkin pie; why not bring holiday cheer into your wedding?!

Since winter weddings are less popular, you can often find better deals with your wedding vendors. Most reception centers offer off season promotional prices.

Another huge benefit to having a holiday wedding is that most jobs don’t require you to work on holidays. This means, if you play your cards right, you’ll have work off every year for your anniversary!

The cons of having a holiday wedding
There are a few cons to having a holiday wedding. Here are a few we have come up with:

The holidays are busy; in fact, the end of the year is the busiest time of year. Combine the holidays, work deadlines and planning a wedding; it can be stressful. The solution to avoiding the stress is to plan your wedding well in advance.

Traffic and crowds can be stressful. It might be nice to have vacation from work for your anniversary but traffic and crowds can be terrible during the holidays. Try having a romantic anniversary on black Friday or right before Christmas. Hotels and restaurants are packed. If you want a holiday wedding, you simply have to plan around the traffic.

Every season has its pros and cons
No matter when you have your wedding, there will be pros and cons related to that time of year; whether it’s travel, weather or holidays. Weigh out the negatives and positives and make the decision that’s best for you. Happy holidays and best of luck with your wedding planning!

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6 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Decorations

November 25, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

wedding tips at salt lake wedding reviews wedding blogDecorating for your wedding reception is important but it can be pricey! Your goal is to impress your wedding guests by creating a gorgeous wedding environment. This is part of the wedding experience. Many brides spend a fortune on decorations for the wedding reception but you don’t have to. Here are 5 ways to save money on decorations for your wedding and reception.

Use a Wedding Venue
We have been to many amazing backyard weddings. It’s hard to beat a perfectly landscaped backyard that is beautifully decorated. We love back yard weddings but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s cheaper than renting a reception center.

We have seen countless brides spend thousands of dollars decorating a backyard for their wedding. The good thing about reception centers is the fact that they are already decorated. Most wedding venues offer decorations and centerpieces with their rental price. This can be far less expensive than decorating a backyard.

Work with a professional Wedding Planner
When brides think about hiring a professional wedding planner they get excited! However, many brides quickly jump to the conclusion that they can’t afford to hire a pro. This isn’t always true. Yes, hiring a professional wedding planner costs money; but they can save you money on other aspects of your wedding. One of these is wedding decorations. Some wedding planners have a collection of wedding decorations that they will let you utilize for your wedding day.

Get creative with what you have
Let’s say that a reception center just isn’t in the budget; and neither is a wedding planner. Don’t stress, just get creative. Use the things you already have to decorate for your wedding. Pictures, Christmas lights, even decorations from your home. If you have a creative mind, you can make your wedding look stunning with things you already have.

Utilize your loved ones
Going along with using what you already have; ask your loved ones to pitch in. Get your mother, sisters and friends together and find decorations. Borrow décor from their homes. Get creative and create a fun and beautiful environment for your wedding day.

Do it yourself (DIY)
Making your wedding decorations can be very time consuming but can save you money. The goal is to look at wedding decorations and try to make them using inexpensive materials. Use Pinterst, Facebook, Twitter, Wedding Magazines, etc. to find ideas. Do your best to use things you already have and spend as little money as possible.

Rent your decorations
If you don’t have time to make your décor, renting your decorations is an easy and inexpensive option. Don’t buy your wedding décor! Many brides say “I’ll save it for my sister’s wedding”. Reality is the decorations will sit in storage and your sister might not even want the same decorations as you. Find a local wedding rental business and rent your décor.

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Modest Wedding Gowns

November 20, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

Modest Wedding Gowns at Danielle's BridalSome brides prefer modest wedding gowns. One of our brides recently asked for our advice on finding modest dresses. This inspired us to dedicate a post to this question. Today we’ll post a few suggestions and ideas for these brides.

If you are looking for a modest gown, here are your two options:

Find a modest gown
Depending on where you live, this can be a bit difficult. Since most of our brides are in Utah, it’s a bit easier because of the high demand for modest gowns.

Our suggestion is to visit multiple Bridal Shops in search for a modest gown. This will give you a large selection of different modest gown styles and lines. If you don’t have time to visit each local bridal shop, search for them online. Most local bridal shops have websites; you can usually find their modest gown selections on their websites.

Have a gown altered to make it modest
You don’t have to limit your search to gowns that are already modest. A high percentage of wedding gowns are sleeveless. Most bridal shops have experienced seamstresses who are willing to make big alterations to almost any wedding dress. You can find a sleeveless dress and have a professional add sleeves and alter the top of the gown to meet your desires.

Here are some modest wedding gowns from a few of our favorite Bridal Shops:

This Modest Wedding Gown is from Danielle’s Bridal in Salt Lake City

Danielle's Bridal Modest Bridal Gowns

The Modest Gown below is from A Bride Beautiful in Salt Lake City

Modest Wedding Gowns in Salt Lake

This Modest Wedding Dress is from Bridal Image in Bountiful

Modest Wedding Gowns in Bountiful

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Wedding Photo Albums

November 15, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Weddings

saltlakeweddingBrides spend so much time, effort and money on their wedding day to create a memory. It’s not just about having a stunning wedding and a great experience; creating a memory is part of your wedding adventure. In today’s post, we’ll give our thoughts on wedding albums.

Wedding Albums
Your wedding album can be however you like. It’s as simple as putting together a book of your favorite wedding photos. Our most important advice is to be creative and show your personality. There are no rules; you’re just creating a memory!

Include your entire wedding experience
Your photo album should include more than just your wedding day. Include photos of your courtship, engagement, wedding planning experience, wedding day and finally your honeymoon. Make sure you take lots of photos throughout the entire experience.

Don’t procrastinate!
The longer you wait to finish your wedding album the harder it will be. Do your best to finish your album while your memories are fresh. Our recommendation is to complete your album within 6 months of your wedding day. This way you can stay organized and enjoy your album on your 1st anniversary!

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Weight loss tips that will help you look Stunning on your Wedding day!

November 14, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

Look stunning in your wedding gown with these weight loss tips!There is nothing that motivates a girl to lose weight more than getting engaged. Since over half of brides try to lose weight for their wedding day, we have decided to address the topic. We understand that looking fabulous in your wedding gown is important to you, but some brides take extreme measures to lose those extra pounds. Here is our professional advice:

More important than weight loss
Looking stunning is important but what some brides don’t realize is that losing weight isn’t always the key to looking great. It is always more important to look healthy and happy. Skin and bones isn’t attractive! Brides who have skipped countless meals and taken extreme measures to lose weight look unhealthy and stressed.

If you want to lose a few pounds, here is how to do it:

Start early
Trying to lose your belly fat the month of the wedding is a bad idea. It takes time to get into shape. Start living a healthy lifestyle at least a few months in advance.

Don’t resort to weight loss pills or extreme diets
There is nothing wrong with dieting but keep in mind that dieting is eating healthy; not starving yourself. Don’t fall into the “lose 30 pounds in a month” schemes. The bad thing about losing weight quickly is that the weight usually comes back; it’s not always fat that you’re losing. Weight loss pills can be unhealthy (not to mention the fact that they don’t always work).

Watch what you eat
To look healthy, all you need to do is live a healthy lifestyle. Do your best to cut sugar from your diet; this includes soda! Eliminating sugar is one of the best ways to lose excess fat! Avoid greasy food at all costs! No French fries! Avoid white flour. Eating your veggies sounds silly, you learned to do it when you were young, but it’s a must if you want to be in great shape! Enough said; you know what is healthy and what isn’t!

Train your metabolism
When you eat is almost as important as what you eat. If you eat one large meal per day, your body begins to store what it needs to survive another 24 hours. If you eat several small meals, your body learns that it can start burning more quickly. Weight loss professionals recommend eating 5 to 6 small meals every day.

Have a regular sleep schedule
You might not believe it but having a consistent and steady sleep schedule will speed up your metabolism. We all know that we should get 6 to 8 hours of sleep but when we sleep can make a difference as well. Staying up till 4 in the morning and sleeping till noon gives you 8 hours of sleep but it’s terrible for your body! Try getting to bed between 10 and midnight and sleep for 8 hours. We promise you’ll see a difference!

Exercise regularly
10 minutes per day is better than one hour per week. If you haven’t noticed by now, we are trying to help you get into good habits. Having an amazing workout once per week is good; but it’s even better to exercise daily (even for a short time). Make it a habit to exercise 5 to 6 days per week.

Consistency is everything!
We hope you have caught on to our attempt to help you to be consistent. Being consistently healthy will boost your metabolism and make it easy to lose the unwanted belly fat before your wedding day. If you don’t lose as much as you expected, don’t over-react! Be happy that you are living healthy and it will show. You’ll look amazing!

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Wedding Tips: Don’t forget to say thanks!

November 13, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog

Plan your wedding with Salt Lake Wedding ReviewsAs time goes on, wedding traditions seem to change. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just what happens. Recently we have seen brides overlook the traditional “Thank you card”. This has inspired us to answer a common question: Do I need to send out thank you cards? Here are our thoughts:

The Traditional “Thank You Card”
Thank you cards are a traditional way of thanking your wedding guests for their support, friendship and/or wedding gift. We love thank you cards! We encourage brides who have the time and budget to send them to their wedding guests.

Pros: Sending out cards is an easy and efficient way of saying thanks. It’s also traditional so you can’t go wrong!

Cons: Sending out thank you cards is another expense. If you are on a tight budget, it might be difficult to pull off.

Saying Thank You
Here is our professional advice: You don’t have to send out thank you cards but you do need to say thanks. Thank you cards are a nice gesture but there are other ways to thank your wedding guests.

Thank You – Alternatives
If you want to say thanks to your guests but don’t necessarily want to send cards, here are some alternatives:

A simple phone call to each wedding guest can be a personal and respectful way to say thank you. Imagine if a wedding bride called you and said… “I wanted to call and thank you for the gift card you gave us. I am so grateful to have you as a friend”. I am sure you would feel great!

Facebook or email is another way of thanking a wedding guest. You can write a personal message thanking each wedding guest for their support. If you use this method, make sure to be personal. A copy & paste thank you on Facebook doesn’t have a strong impact.

Virtual Thank You Cards can be fun and affordable. Search the web for “virtual thank you cards” and you’ll find some cute ideas. Create your thank you card and email it to your wedding guests.

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Finalize Your Wedding Plans: 10 things to save for last

November 12, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Planners

salt lake wedding reviews blogIn today’s post, we are sharing some tips about finalizing your wedding plans. Here is a short list of things you should be doing in those last few weeks before the wedding day. Keep in mind that this isn’t an all-inclusive list; these are simply some of our thoughts to help your last few weeks run more smoothly.

Make the wedding legal
The only reason you need to do this last is because marriage licenses are usually only good for about 4 weeks. Please don’t forget about your marriage license! Get the license as soon as possible (making sure it doesn’t expire before the wedding). Call and find out how long marriage licenses are valid in your city/county.

Finalize details with your vendors
You have spent so much time and effort making wedding plans. It’s time to visit each of your vendors and make sure everything is “good to go”. Make sure they have a clear understanding of what you want.

Run through your plans
Run through the remainder of your wedding plans and make sure you aren’t forgetting anything. Make sure everything is paid for. Make sure you have enough helping hands to make sure everything gets taken care of on the wedding day.

Pack for your honeymoon
We strongly recommend packing for your honeymoon before the wedding (even if you have a few days before you leave). Your home will be full of wedding gifts and you’ll be completely unorganized. Pack early and avoid the headache.

Pack a wedding emergency kit
Make sure you are prepared for any possible problem on your wedding day. Pack medicine for headaches or achy feet. Bring extra makeup and hairspray, snacks, water and comfortable shoes in-case you can’t take the heels any longer. Make sure you have your bags packed for the wedding night.

Finalize hair and make-up appointments
You might be one of those enthusiastic brides that scheduled her hair and make-up appointments 6 months in advance. If so, make sure you confirm your appointments. Make sure your stylist has plenty of time to make you look beautiful.

Make sure your fiancée is ready
It’s important to be organized and “ready to go”; but it’s equally important to make sure fiancée is organized and ready. If your fiancée is known to procrastinate, make sure he is working on his wedding arrangements. Sit down with him and make sure he’s taken care of tuxedos, etc.

Organize living arrangements
We are sure you have been looking at apartments or homes. It’s time to buy or rent! It’s always less stressful to prepare your new home before the wedding. Set up furniture and start decorating to make your new home look nice. It’s far more romantic to come into your new home (furnished and decorated) after the wedding.

Wind down, clear your mind and go on a date
After months of wedding planning, you’ll be tired and stressed. It’s important that you clear your mind before your wedding week. Finish up with wedding plans early so you can take a break. Go to the gym, relax and get plenty of sleep. Make sure your relationship with your fiancée is better than ever. Go on dates, laugh and spend time together.

Spend time with family and friends
When you are stressed or anxious, it’s often best to spend time with loved ones. Hang out with family and friends. Laugh and have a good time. Ask them specifically to help you get your mind off of wedding plans. Remember these words: YOUR WEDDING WILL BE PERFECT!!! Don’t stress about the wedding!

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10 Tips on Avoiding Wedding Disasters

November 11, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Advice for the Groom, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Avoiding Wedding Planning Disasters; Salt Lake Wedding BlogWe are sure that you have heard horror stories of wedding disasters. The fact is that disasters happen and when they do, it’s hard to forget them.  Here is a list of things you can do to prepare for the worst and avoid wedding disasters.

Budget Comes First
Money problems can lead to wedding disasters faster than anything else. If you don’t have bottomless pockets then don’t act like it. If you overspend on your dress, you’ll have less to spend on other things. Set a firm wedding budget before you spend a dime. This will take loads of stress away!

Always Have a Backup Plan
Problems arise, it’s that simple. Maybe the lead singer of your wedding band will be sick on your wedding day. If that happens, what’s your plan? Try to think of every possible problem that can arise and have a backup plans. This doesn’t mean you need to hire two bands! Keep it simple and bring a CD with your favorite wedding songs.

Avoid a Pimple
Brides have nightmares about waking up with a pimple on the wedding day. Do your best to avoid touching your face throughout your wedding week. Call your dermatologist and ask what to do if you wake up with a pimple.

Be Prepared for Bad Weather
If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure to prepare for wind, rain, heat, or other weather conditions. It might be smart to talk to a tent service about last minute tent rental in rainy situations.

Cake and Flowers
It’s important that your cake and your flowers look nice for the entire day. Here is your simple solution; keep your cake refrigerated when it’s not on display (between events). Keep your flowers in a dark cool place and in water when you aren’t using them (between events).

Don’t be “Bridezilla”
Here are a few characteristics of a “Bridezilla”: bossy, never satisfied, emotional, sensitive, rude, inconsiderate, difficult to work with, overspending and more. Avoid each of these things and you’ll be fine. Keep in mind that your loved ones have good ideas. Listen to new ideas and give them a chance. Don’t have a “just say no” attitude. You don’t have to use every new idea, just listen.

Have Extra Cash
Unexpected expenses are normal during weddings. You will need to tip your vendors. If your guests stay too long, you’ll have to pay for extra hours. Keep money set aside for unexpected expenses.

The Bride Comes First
Time after time we see passive brides working with family or friends with dominant personalities. This can easily lead to disaster. It is common for a passive bride to feel the need to please others and do things their way to make them happy. LISTEN BRIDES; IT’S YOUR DAY! Don’t let a loved one talk you into a different dress or different colors. It’s your wedding; you need to be pleased with your choices.

Take Time Off
The more time you spend planning, the more stressed you will be. It’s important to make wedding plans with a clear mind. This means you’ll need to take breaks when you are stressed. Do fun things with your friends. If you are stressed and overwhelmed, your chances of forgetting important details increase.

Relationship Comes First
Remember that your marriage is more important than your wedding day. The biggest wedding disaster of all is when a bride and groom develop relationship problems during the planning process. Your wedding is one day; your marriage is forever. Always put your fiancée first!

We hope this post has helped. Please keep in mind that wedding disasters happen. Do your best to prepare but if things go wrong, keep a smile on your face. Be mature enough to overlook the things that go wrong and enjoy your wedding day no matter what happens.

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7 Wedding Planning Myths

November 7, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Weddings

Wedding Planning Blog for Utah Brides
A Wedding Planner is too expensive
Sure, wedding planners can be pricey but that doesn’t mean it’s always cheaper to plan a wedding on your own. There are plenty of talented wedding planners that are trying to “get there name out there”; these types of planners are generally more affordable.

Professional wedding planners can save you money in two ways. First, they can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Second, most planners have tight connections with other wedding vendors and can get major discounts.

Doing It Yourself (DIY) is cheaper
DIY weddings can save money in some cases but not all. Remember that most vendors buy their supplies in bulk; meaning they don’t have to charge as much to make a profit. Sometimes paying full price for materials is more expensive than getting outside help. Do your homework and figure out what will be cheaper before you start working.

Weddings cost a fortune so you’ll need a credit card
Weddings can be expensive, there’s no doubt about it. This doesn’t mean if you can’t afford a wedding extravaganza you should go into debt. It’s better to have a budget wedding than start your marriage in debt.

Start saving now so you’ll be able to afford the wedding of your dreams. If it’s time for the wedding and you only have a thousand dollars, make it work. You can have your reception in a church or a park; it’s usually free.

You have to serve a feast
Food is an important aspect of weddings. This doesn’t mean that you are required to serve a 7 course meal. Meet with your caterer and discuss your budget and your options. We have been to remarkable weddings that served finger foods and dessert.

Every detail needs to be perfect
Brides tend to stress over every detail no matter how insignificant. Do your best and work your hardest to prepare for your wedding. Once your wedding day comes, enjoy it! Mistakes are bound to happen. If it’s insignificant, don’t stress over it. If there isn’t anything you can do about it, don’t stress over it. The fact is that if a small detail isn’t perfect, your wedding guests won’t even notice.

I need to send out my invitations early so guests can save the date
Have you ever received a wedding invite 6 months in advance? If so, you probably lost it by the time the wedding date came. If you send invitations too early, guests will lose them and forget about your wedding.

If you are worried about people being out of town or making plans on your wedding day, send out a save the date Facebook invite or an email. Send out your actual invitations no more than two months in advance.

A backyard wedding reception is cheaper than a reception center
Backyard weddings can get expensive and aren’t always the cheaper option. You’ll have to rent tables, chairs, linens, decorations and everything else you need to throw a wedding reception. Since most reception centers already own these things, it can be less expensive to rent a reception center for your wedding party. Shop around and see what you can find.

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7 Wedding Planning Don’ts

November 6, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips

Salt Lake Weddings Most of our posts teach you about things you can do to make wedding planning easier. Today we would like to discuss 7 things you SHOULDN’T do. As usual, we can’t teach you everything in one short post but here are a few things that have been on our minds…

Don’t be a super hero
Have you met the bride who made her own wedding dress, wedding cake, flower arrangements, decorations and still had time to write a song to sing at the wedding? Well, accept the fact that you are not that bride! The super hero bride is one in a million. Trying to be a super hero will only make you stressed and overwhelmed.

Don’t be a bridezilla
We always hear stories about bridezilla’s. The truth is that most bridezilla’s don’t realize that they are being one. If you want to avoid being a bridezilla, do your best to be laid back. Realize that most wedding planning problems have simple solutions. Do your best not to over react and try to be pleasant in stressful situations.

Don’t keep your wedding guests too long
There is nothing wrong with having a long lasting wedding reception. You do however want to avoid having 3 to 4 hour breaks between your ceremony, luncheon and reception. It’s hard for your wedding guests to give up a 14 hour day for the wedding, especially if they have young children.

Don’t ignore your future spouse
Wedding planning is busy and stressful, we understand. It is easy to devote every waking minute to wedding planning. DON’T! Don’t give up your life for your wedding. Make sure you spend time with your fiancée. Go on dates and watch movies. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Don’t give in to persuasion
As you plan your wedding your mom, your sisters, your bridesmaids, your fiancées mom and others will try to tell you how to plan your wedding. Their advice can be valuable but keep in mind that it’s your wedding and you get to have it your way. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to be reasonable or spend as much as you want; but it means you get to make decisions.

If a loved one doesn’t like your dress or your colors, listen to their suggestions but don’t let them talk you into what they think is best. Thank them for their input, take it into consideration but don’t feel guilty about making your own decision.

Don’t Starve Yourself
Looking great in your dress is important but don’t overdo it. It’s one thing to diet and exercise but you shouldn’t stress about weight. Don’t skip meals and don’t risk your health to look nice in your dress. Feeling good is more important than being skinnier.

Don’t be afraid to be unique
Don’t be afraid to give your wedding a touch of your personality. Yes, there are traditions and yes there are trends but it’s your wedding. If you don’t like what’s trending, change it up!

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Hiring a Wedding Cake Professional

November 5, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Cakes

hiring a professional wedding cake designer in Salt Lake
Earlier this year we posted about making your own wedding cake. The post was dedicated to brides that couldn’t afford to hire a wedding cake specialist. In today’s post we would like to give our thoughts on hiring a specialist to make your wedding cake.

Your wedding cake will be remembered by each of your guests. It is important that your cake not only looks amazing but tastes fabulous as well. Hiring a wedding cake specialist is the best way to ensure a fantastic wedding cake.

Hiring a Wedding Cake Specialist

Dream Big
The first thing you need to do is compile photo album of wedding cakes you love. Search magazines, Pinterest and the internet for photos of wedding cakes. Print the photos of your favorite cakes and put them in a folder. You will be showing these photos to your cake specialist. Don’t worry about cost when looking at designs.

Meet with a Wedding Cake Professional
Search for wedding cake specialists that have plenty of experience. Look for reviews and ratings to find the best designers in your area. Make sure to look at the cake designer’s portfolio and decide if you like their style.

Once you find a professional, show them the photos of your dream cake. Make your budget clear. Ask if they can design a cake with the same features while staying within your budget. Ask about flavor options and how many guests the cake will serve. If taste testing is offered, take advantage and make sure you enjoy the cake.

As you meet with a wedding cake designer, make sure to provide as much information as possible. Bring plenty of photos to show the designer what you are looking for. Make sure your cake designer knows about your wedding colors and your theme. Make sure your specialist knows how many guests you need to feed.

Don’t be afraid to try something unique. Traditional fruit cake can be boring. What are your favorite flavors; Peanut butter, cookies & cream, chocolate raspberry? If you can’t decide then make each tier of the cake a different flavor.

Trust your Cake Designer
As long as you have given your cake specialist plenty of information, trust that they can do the job. Remember that they make wedding cakes for a living. If they have pointers or advice, then listen. Be willing to work with them and don’t be a bridezilla.

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Wedding Music: Live Band or DJ?

November 4, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Weddings

The two things that your wedding guests will remember most are the music and the food. Today we wish to discuss wedding music. Music can make or break your reception. It can send guests home dancing or it can put them to sleep. It’s needless to say that hiring a live band or a DJ is an important decision as you plan your wedding.

There are several things you should know before you hire a Band or DJ but today we’ll answer the question every bride has to answer: Should I hire a live band or a DJ for my wedding reception? Here are some of our thoughts…

Live Wedding Bands
There is nothing that can make a wedding more exciting than a live band. A band will make your wedding more exciting and bring a classy vibe. Here are our pros and cons to hiring a live band:

Pros: Like we mentioned, nothing can make your wedding more exciting. Wedding guests love live music, that’s a fact! Every wedding band is different. From jazz bands to country bands your wedding can be however you like. Live love songs are romantic.

Cons: The biggest con to hiring a live band is price. Live bands are usually more expensive than DJ’s. The only other con we can think of is variety. Live bands have a list of songs that they have learned and you have to choose from those songs.

Wedding DJ’s
We have seen dozens of wedding DJ’s bring life to weddings that desperately needed it. A talented DJ can make a wedding fun and memorable.

Pros: Hiring a wedding DJ is usually less expensive than hiring a live band. Wedding DJ’s have an endless list of songs to choose from; they can play a variety of different types of music.

Cons: It’s simple… Live music is hard to beat.

Live bands and DJ’s have their pros and cons but both are great options. Do your best to find a band or DJ that suits your style. If you can do this, your wedding guests will see your exciting personality.

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7 Reasons to Hire a Professional for your Wedding Invitations & Announcements

November 1, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips, Weddings

Wedding Announcements and Invitations When it comes to wedding invitations you have two options. You can hire a professional or you can design your own invitations and have them printed. After interviewing Whitney Bennett from Pro Digital Photo’s we have come to the conclusion that hiring a professional is the way to go. Here are 7 things Whitney discussed:

Hiring a professional can save you money
This might sound crazy but you can actually save money by hiring a professional. Since professionals buy their materials in bulk, they get the materials at a much cheaper price. This means they don’t have to charge you full price to make a profit.

If you do end up paying more, you are getting a much better product. Printing professionals carry quality materials. They want you to be happy with your invitations; they won’t use the same materials you’ll find at a one hour print shop.

When working with professionals your options are endless. You will be able to choose from a variety of papers, colors shapes and sizes.

Specialty print shops have top of the line equipment. They have machines that can cut your invitations into different shapes. They have machines that print on materials other than paper such as metal, wood or other specialty products. These high end machines print with better quality, higher resolution and brighter colors.

In House Designers
Many specialty print shops have in house designers. These designers have made hundreds of wedding invitations so you can trust them as they help you design your own invitations. These designers can help you choose designs, shapes, colors, fonts, materials and so on.

Attention to Detail
Wedding invitation professionals understand that you expect perfection. If they mess up on your invitations, they’ll have to start over. This gives them a good reason to be perfectionists. They will pay attention to even the slightest details so that your invitations will be perfect.

Hiring a professional can save you time
If you are tight on time, most wedding invitation services offer to stuff, stamp and mail your invitations. Stuffing and addressing envelopes takes hours! How nice would it be to have a professional service do it for you!

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5 ways to ensure a high guest turnout on your wedding day

October 29, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Planners, Weddings

Since you will spend so much time and money on your wedding, you want your friends and family to enjoy the celebration with you. Here are some suggestions that will help you have a high guest turnout and get them to stay for the whole party.

Avoid Busy Days
Make sure to have your wedding on a slow day; and that doesn’t mean a Monday or Tuesday night. Simply avoid having your wedding on the same day as a large sporting event, charity event or conference. This will mean less traffic and less distraction on your wedding day.

If you want to keep your guests around all night you need to make sure they are comfortable. If it’s too hot or cold you will see guests leaving early.

There are a few things you can do to keep them comfortable: If you are having a winter wedding, make sure your venue or tent is properly heated. If you are having a summer wedding, find an indoor/outdoor wedding venue so your guests can go inside to cool off.

Keeping your guests comfortable includes keeping their stomachs full. Hungry guests tend to leave early. If your guests always have access to something yummy, they will stay all night long.

Child Care
Parents get embarrassed when their kids start acting up. Nothing will end a party faster than tired children. If you want your guests to stick around make sure you have something for the children to do. When it starts getting late consider having an area for the kids to watch movies.

Keep the party progressing
Don’t spend too much time on any one activity. If you are having toasts from the wedding party, make sure they are short and sweet. Of your guests are getting tired of dancing, give them a break and cut the wedding cake.

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Organized Wedding Planning

October 28, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Planners, Wedding Tips, Weddings

plan your wedding in salt lake city today You shouldn’t be embarrassed to admit that you aren’t a wedding planning expert. Most of you have never planned a wedding in your life. It’s an understatement to say that you need to be organized as you plan your wedding. Today’s post will help brides be more organized with wedding planning.

Why do I need to be organized?
There are several reasons you should be organized with your wedding but we’ll discuss a few of them.

First, if you are organized you will save money. If you start buying everything that looks good you will spend a fortune. If you are organized you will know what you need to buy and what you don’t need at all.

Second, you will save a lot of time. If you are unorganized, you will never get anything done. If you have a plan you will be able to move quickly from one task to the next.

Third, you will have less stress. Wedding planning is stressful no matter who you are. Why make it worse by being unorganized?

Where do I start?
Step 1 should always be to decide how much money you have to spend. If you don’t set a budget, you will always overspend.

Step 2 is to make a list of everything that needs to be done. Brides who don’t make a list almost always forget something.

Making your wedding planning list

A wedding planning list can be as simple or complex as you would like. There are however a few things that you shouldn’t forget; categories, dates and a detailed budget.

List everything that needs to be done for the wedding and separate those tasks into categories. For example: Flowers, Catering, Decorations, Bridesmaids/Groomsmen, Music, Luncheon, and Wedding Reception.

If you categorize your tasks you can prioritize. If catering is most important to you, you can spend more time and money on catering. If flowers are special to you, spend more time and money on flowers.

Next to each task, write the date that the task must be finished by. This will help you know where to put your time.

Detailed Budget
Once you have set your budget and made your list, decide how much money will go to each aspect of your wedding. How much of your budget will go to flowers? How much will go to catering? Make these decisions based on what is most important to you.

Wedding planning is a complicated and difficult task. We promise that being organized will make your experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Best of luck and happy wedding planning! If you have any questions or post suggestions let us know in the comment box.

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How to Effectively Work with Wedding Professionals

October 23, 2013 : Wedding Blog, Wedding Planners, Weddings

Plan a wedding in Salt Lake today!
We often hear horror stories about wedding professionals who didn’t follow through with their promises on the wedding day. What we don’t hear is that most brides eventually admit that they are partly to blame in these types of situations. Most wedding day catastrophes happen because of lack of communication. The purpose of today’s post is to teach you how to work with wedding professionals.

Do your homework
Most wedding professionals are talented and trustworthy but there are still wedding businesses you should avoid. The key to finding the right professionals is as simple as doing a little bit of homework.

When you meet with a professional ask them if you can see their portfolio. Looking at their past work will give you a good idea if they fit the job description. Look online for ratings and reviews that have been left by their past customers.

Communication is essential
Once you have hired a wedding professional make sure they know exactly what you want. Sit down and discuss every detail of your wedding. It’s always safe to include even small details in a written contract. The more time you spend with your wedding professionals the better. Frequently discuss the progress of the wedding arrangements.

Ask questions and take advice
Remember that wedding professionals have valuable experience. If you have never planned a wedding, ask questions about what to expect. Present your ideas and ask how to make them even better. Your professionals will know how to help you stay within your budget. Be willing to change your plans if you can’t afford what you are asking for.

Don’t be a bridezilla!
Every wedding professional has stories about working with bridezilla’s. They never have good things to say. Most wedding professionals try to avoid bridezilla’s at all costs. If you are open to suggestions, kind and easy to work with then wedding professionals will go the extra mile to make your wedding memorable.

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Are you thinking of having a Winter Wedding?

October 21, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Planners, Wedding Tips, Weddings

Plan a wedding at Aspen Landing in Taylorsville, Utah

Because of unpredictable weather and freezing cold temperatures the winter season is by far the least popular season for weddings. What many brides don’t realize is that winter weddings are unique and romantic. Some of the most memorable weddings we have seen were in the dead of winter.

Have you ever been to a winter wedding? You walk from your car to the reception center in the freezing cold, then you enter and feel the warm air and you enjoy a romantic cozy environment; there’s nothing better!

Here are a few of our thoughts and suggestions on winter weddings:

  • Make sure to serve something hot. Good catering can make a winter wedding unforgettable. If you can’t afford to serve a hot meal, serve hot chocolate; it’s always fun!
  • Flowers are always nice but if you’re on a tight budget, winter weddings don’t necessarily need them (the bride’s bouquet being the only exception). You can decorate with tree branches and other winter decorations.
  • Most reception centers have seasonal pricing. You will usually get a better price during the winter. This can save you hundreds of dollars.
  • The winter season is less busy, you will probably see a larger guest turnout.

Any time is a great time for a wedding. We hope we have helped you in your decision making. If you have any questions or requests for our next post, please leave a comment below.

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Hiring a Wedding Florist

October 18, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Fashion, Wedding Tips, Weddings

Find Salt Lake Wedding Florists at SLWR
Take an ordinary wedding and add an experienced florist; you now have a 5 star and memorable wedding. Flowers are what take a wedding from ordinary to extravagant. Most brides will go through the process of hiring a wedding florist so we have dedicated today’s post to giving some advice. Here are 7 things to keep in mind as you search for a florist.

Book Early
Flowers are one of the few things that can’t be done in advance. To keep flowers fresh, your florist has to work on your flowers the day before the wedding. This means that most florists have the capacity of one to two weddings per weekend. Florists book up quickly so find one as soon as possible.

Flowers are seasonal
Keep in mind that flowers are seasonal. Yes, any flower can be grown in a green-house at any time but when a flower is out of season it is much more expensive. Talk to a floral expert about which in-season flowers will match your style.

Study up
Before you sit down with a florist, have a good idea of what you are looking for. The internet offers countless ideas from brides all over the world.

Bring photos
A picture is worth a thousand words. Bring photos of wedding flowers that you like to give your florist an idea of what you are looking for.

Ask for suggestions
Look for a florist with wedding experience and ask for suggestions. Ask which flowers will be best for your wedding. Ask how long each type of flower will last; if you are having an outdoor wedding and a lengthy photo session, you will need to use more durable flowers. Trust the suggestions of your florist.

Portfolios are important
Make sure you look at photos of previous work from your florist. It’s important to find a florist with the style you are looking for.

Stay within your budget
Tell your florist how much money you have to spend. Ask what your options are with your particular budget. We can’t stress this enough; don’t buy flowers you can’t afford!

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10 Ways to save money on your Wedding Reception Venue

October 17, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Advice for the Groom, Budgeting, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips, Weddings

Find an affordable wedding venue with Salt Lake Wedding Reviews
Money is tight for many brides so we are dedicating todays post to finding a wedding reception center for an affordable price. In the past we have discussed free wedding reception options such as having the reception at a church or a park; in this post we want to do everything we can to help you afford a nice reception center. We can’t fit everything into one post but here are 10 ideas that will help you save money on your venue.

Avoid weekend Wedding Receptions
You might not know this but most wedding reception centers charge a higher price for weekend weddings. Friday and Saturday are the most expensive and lately, Thursday nights are becoming more popular so expect to see higher prices on each of those nights. Having your wedding on a Tuesday or Wednesday can save you a lot of money.

Decide what’s most important
If you are on a tight budget, accept the fact that you can’t have everything. Decide what is most important to you and budget for those things. If an extravagant venue is most important than cut back on flowers and catering. If catering is most important than find a smaller venue.

Find a New Reception Center
You can find great prices at brand new wedding locations. Look for reception centers that have opened within the past year and look at their prices. Established wedding locations are in high demand which allows them to charge a higher price.

Pay for the venue up front
Many wedding venues will give you a discount if you pay for the facility up front. If you choose this option, make sure you sign a contract that allows you to get your money back if something goes wrong. Keep in mind, there is almost always a non-refundable deposit whether you pay in advance or not.

Sacrifice Location
Try looking for reception locations away from the city. You can save a lot of money by going out of your way. Don’t feel bad asking your wedding guests to drive an additional 20 minutes if it will save you thousands of dollars.

Decide how much you are willing to spend on a venue and find a vendor who will accommodate you. Even if the venues regular prices are out of your price range, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Remember that if a vendor is going out of their way to help you, you need to return the favor. Be considerate and flexible.

Avoid Wedding Season
Most wedding reception centers have seasonal pricing. If you want a summer wedding, you’ll have to pay for it. Plan your wedding from late fall to early spring, you will save a fortune.

Look into All-Inclusive packages
Many venues offer all-inclusive packages. This means that you can get a venue, caterer, flowers, photography, and etc. all for one discounted price. If you are already planning on spending money in those areas, this might be the most affordable option.

Don’t pay for excess space
Find out how many guests will be at your wedding and find the right sized venue. In most cases, the bigger the venue, the higher the price. Having a guest count will save you money.

Shave an hour
Some wedding reception venues charge by the hour. If this is the case, making your reception 3 hours instead of 4 can make a huge difference. It is common for wedding guests to leave early or come late. A shorter reception will make it feel like more guests are at the party.

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Wedding Planning: Who Pays for What?

September 24, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Advice for the Groom, Budgeting, Wedding Blog, Wedding Planners, Wedding Tips, Weddings

Salt Lake City, Utah Weddings

Today’s post is dedicated to answering one of the most common wedding related questions of all time: who pays for what? This is a hard question to answer in an ever changing society but we’ll do our best.

Traditionally the bride’s family was expected to pay for the majority of wedding expenses. Some people like to stick to tradition but times have changed. There are no longer any set rules on who pays for what. The bride and groom should decide with their families on a fair way to divide the budget.

Most brides use traditional financial etiquette as guidelines and make necessary changes according to the financial situation of each family. If one family is wealthy and the other is poor, it’s courteous for the wealthy family to carry most of the financial responsibility. Here are a few of the traditional financial expectations.

Who Pays for What Traditionally?

The Bride’s Family

  • The Wedding Ceremony & Reception
  • The Dress
  • Wedding invitations
  • Flowers
  • Wedding Photography
  • The Wedding Cake
  • The Groom’s Family

  • The Wedding Dinner or Luncheon
  • The Tuxedos
  • The Bride

  • The Groom’s Ring
  • Gifts for the bridesmaids
  • The Groom

  • The Bride’s Ring
  • The Honeymoon
  • We hope this information has helped with your wedding planning. Our strong suggestion is to start saving for your wedding as early as possible. If you save early, you won’t run into financial stress as you plan your wedding. If you have any questions or suggestions for future posts, leave them in the comment box. Best of luck!


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    How to Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun!

    September 13, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Advice for the Groom, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips, Weddings

    How to make your wedding more exciting!
    Think about the most exciting wedding you have ever attended. What made the wedding so amazing? Now think about the most boring wedding you have attended. What was it lacking? Today’s post is dedicated to helping you have an exciting wedding. Let’s do our best to make sure your wedding guests enjoy their experience.

    The number one most important thing you need to accomplish in order to have an exciting and fun wedding reception is this; make sure your wedding guests stay the whole night. Nothing kills a wedding reception faster than guests leaving early.

    Here are a few suggestions on getting your guests to stay:

    Get them dancing
    Most weddings have that awkward moment when the music is playing, the lights are on the dance floor and nobody is dancing. That moment always comes to an end when a few people are brave enough to jump in.

    Dancing is contagious! The best way to keep your guests dancing is to ask your family and closest friends to dance the night away. Before the wedding day comes, make the bridesmaids and groomsmen promise that they will dance their hearts out.

    Keep things moving (especially the toasts)
    Move quickly through the wedding program. When one event is finished, move on to the next. Keep the wedding toasts short and sweet. Listening to wedding toasts is enjoyable until they drag on too long. Nothing is worse than a long wedding toast!

    Keep the kids entertained
    If children are invited to the reception, make sure you have a fun night planned out for the kids. Your guests will leave when their kids are ready to leave. When it starts getting late, have an area for kids to lie down and watch movies.

    Keep your guests fed
    If you plan on celebrating all night make sure your guests have things to snack on. Once dinner is over, keep the finger foods coming throughout the night.

    Go out with a bang!
    Plan something at the end of the night that your guests won’t want to miss. It can be anything from the bride and groom singing a duet to fireworks as the bride and groom drive away. Think of something exciting and make sure to announce it to your wedding guests.

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    Planning a Wedding on a Whim

    September 12, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Advice for the Groom, Wedding Blog, Wedding Planners, Weddings

    Wedding planning in Salt Lake City, Utah
    A survey done by “Huffington Post” says the average engagement in the United States is about 1 year.  The same survey states that the average bride-to-be spends about 10 hours per week planning for her wedding. Does this mean that if you have a 1 month engagement you need to spend 120 hours per week planning your wedding? The answer is obviously NO but you will need to change your approach.

    If you are planning a wedding on a whim, we want to give you a few suggestions that will save you some time. Here are a few pointers:

    Decide what is most important
    It’s important to realize that to plan a wedding in %10 of the time most brides have; you might have to let some things go. We are not saying it’s impossible to get everything done but it will be difficult.

    Make a list of what’s most important to you. Is it flowers, food, photography, decorations? Make a second list of things you can do without. Make sure you give all of your time to the important list before you move to the second list.

    Hire Wedding Vendors
    If you have the budget, hiring local wedding vendors is the easiest way to get things done. Visit these vendors as soon as possible and tell them about your time crunch. I’m sure they’ll be willing to help.

    Be flexible
    It might be hard to find a wedding venue on short notice. Some brides book reception centers a year in advance. Be flexible with both the location of your venue and the day of your wedding. If your favorite reception center is fully booked, be willing to go somewhere else. If your desired reception center only has Mondays and Tuesdays available, be willing to have your reception on one of those days.

    Being flexible applies to each aspect of your wedding. You may have a hard time finding caterers, photographers, florists, etc. on short notice.

    Use your bridesmaids and family
    Let’s face it, unless you don’t have a job, you can’t pull off a wedding in 4 weeks without help. Wedding vendors aren’t the only people that can help. Ask your family and friends to assist with your wedding planning. Give each of your bridesmaids a task that you need help with. Help from your loved ones will make your wedding experience much more enjoyable.

    Just go with it!
    It’s important to put your heart and soul into planning your wedding. It’s equally important to trust that you did enough to make the wedding enjoyable. It is common for brides to stress if they feel under prepared but the fact is, you’ve done what you can and you’re out of time. When your wedding day arrives, let it play out and do your best to enjoy yourself.

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    7 Things to Avoid When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

    September 5, 2013 : Advice for Brides, Wedding Blog, Wedding Tips, Weddings

    Shopping for a Wedding Dress at a Bridal Shop will be one of your best wedding experiences!

    Today’s post is dedicated to helping brides avoid common mistakes when shopping for a wedding dress. Your dress is an important part of your wedding day. Here is a list of things to avoid when shopping for your wedding dress.

    Avoid Sticking with One Dress Style
    It is very common for brides to pick a dress style and stick to that style. We understand that you know exactly what you like but what’s wrong with trying a few different dress styles? Most brides end up purchasing a different dress than what they were expecting. There might be another style of dress that looks better on your body type.

    Avoid Trying on Dresses Out of your Price Range
    Time and time again we see brides try on dresses that they can’t afford “just for the heck of it”. The problem is that many of these brides fall in love with an expensive dress and “have to have it”. This leads to an unexpected credit card purchase. Most brides regret using a credit card for their dress.

    Avoid Peer Pressure
    When shopping for a dress, bring a friend or two with good taste. A few extra eyes will help you get into the perfect dress. Take the advice of your loved ones into consideration but don’t let them pressure you into a dress that you don’t love. Just because they think it looks stunning doesn’t mean you have to agree. Find the dress that both you and your friends approve of.

    Avoid Bringing Too Many Loved Ones
    Like we discussed, extra eyes can be very helpful when dress shopping; however, too many opinions can be overwhelming. Bringing two or three loved ones is perfect for the occasion.

    Avoid Trying on Too Many Dresses
    Have you ever watched “Say Yes to the Dress”? If so, you have seen brides try on dozens of dresses without finding “the one”. You shouldn’t have to try on more than 10 dresses. Remember that you are planning a wedding, not playing dress up. If you don’t love the dress on the hanger, don’t try it on. The more dresses you try on, the more stressful the decision will be.

    Don’t Look at the Size
    Most wedding dresses run small. We understand that brides like to feel skinny. Don’t let it hurt your self-esteem if you need a dress that’s two or three sizes bigger than you normally wear. Trust us it’s not you! Dresses just run small. A dress that fits perfectly will make you glow.

    Don’t Shop Too Early
    Once you get engaged, you will want to try on dresses right away. There are two things that can go wrong if you go dress shopping too early:

    First, you find the dress of your dreams before you are ready to purchase it. When you go back for the dress, you are too late, you can’t get it anymore.

    Second, you find the dress of your dreams and purchase it. Four months later you find a dress that you like more.

    You need to shop for a dress about 3 to 4 months before the wedding. This gives you plenty of time to order a dress if the bridal shop doesn’t have your size in stock. Get the dress tailored within a month of the wedding day. Most brides either gain or lose wait as their wedding approaches.

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