Wedding Day Warning: Applying Your Makeup

Wedding Day Beauty TipsWe have discussed this topic in the past but it has been quite some time. The purpose of today’s post is to warn you. We do our best to help you avoid making the same common mistakes that many brides make. Today’s warning is a beauty warning.

You have been warned
Time after time we see brides go over the top with their makeup. With heightened emotions and trembling nerves, this is an easy mistake to make. Our important and simple warning is to be aware of your nerves as you get ready for the day.

Don’t try anything new
As begin to apply your wedding makeup, don’t try anything you haven’t done before. Don’t try new products or new techniques. We aren’t saying that you can’t be more formal with your makeup. We are simply suggesting that you practice applying your “wedding makeup” before the actual wedding day.

As you approach your wedding, figure out how you want your makeup and have several “dress rehearsals” before the special day.

If you are having your makeup professionally done…
If you are having your makeup applied by a professional make sure you know exactly what your makeup will look like. The best thing to do is give your cosmetologist some practice sessions before the wedding day. That way if you don’t like the turnout, you can sort things out before the wedding day.

You’ll Look Amazing!
Do your best to look your best, then enjoy your wedding day! Know that you look beautiful and enjoy the most exciting day of your life.

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