Wedding Music: Live Band or DJ?

The two things that your wedding guests will remember most are the music and the food. Today we wish to discuss wedding music. Music can make or break your reception. It can send guests home dancing or it can put them to sleep. It’s needless to say that hiring a live band or a DJ is an important decision as you plan your wedding.

There are several things you should know before you hire a Band or DJ but today we’ll answer the question every bride has to answer: Should I hire a live band or a DJ for my wedding reception? Here are some of our thoughts…

Live Wedding Bands
There is nothing that can make a wedding more exciting than a live band. A band will make your wedding more exciting and bring a classy vibe. Here are our pros and cons to hiring a live band:

Pros: Like we mentioned, nothing can make your wedding more exciting. Wedding guests love live music, that’s a fact! Every wedding band is different. From jazz bands to country bands your wedding can be however you like. Live love songs are romantic.

Cons: The biggest con to hiring a live band is price. Live bands are usually more expensive than DJ’s. The only other con we can think of is variety. Live bands have a list of songs that they have learned and you have to choose from those songs.

Wedding DJ’s
We have seen dozens of wedding DJ’s bring life to weddings that desperately needed it. A talented DJ can make a wedding fun and memorable.

Pros: Hiring a wedding DJ is usually less expensive than hiring a live band. Wedding DJ’s have an endless list of songs to choose from; they can play a variety of different types of music.

Cons: It’s simple… Live music is hard to beat.

Live bands and DJ’s have their pros and cons but both are great options. Do your best to find a band or DJ that suits your style. If you can do this, your wedding guests will see your exciting personality.

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