Wedding Photo Albums

saltlakeweddingBrides spend so much time, effort and money on their wedding day to create a memory. It’s not just about having a stunning wedding and a great experience; creating a memory is part of your wedding adventure. In today’s post, we’ll give our thoughts on wedding albums.

Wedding Albums
Your wedding album can be however you like. It’s as simple as putting together a book of your favorite wedding photos. Our most important advice is to be creative and show your personality. There are no rules; you’re just creating a memory!

Include your entire wedding experience
Your photo album should include more than just your wedding day. Include photos of your courtship, engagement, wedding planning experience, wedding day and finally your honeymoon. Make sure you take lots of photos throughout the entire experience.

Don’t procrastinate!
The longer you wait to finish your wedding album the harder it will be. Do your best to finish your album while your memories are fresh. Our recommendation is to complete your album within 6 months of your wedding day. This way you can stay organized and enjoy your album on your 1st anniversary!

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