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Utah's number one wedding blogWe take it that you are either engaged or are at least talking about marriage with your significant other; so we’ll start by saying congratulations! You are most likely experience a variety of emotions including excitement, anxiety, and nervousness. You are excited and in love but have no clue how to plan a wedding. We would love to help you get started. Here are our thoughts on the very basics of wedding planning.

What is my goal as I plan my wedding?
It’s important to know what you are trying to accomplish as you approach your wedding preparations. It’s simple; you’ll be married and host each of your loved ones for a party. See, that’s not so complicated.

Get Organized ASAP!
We have said this many times but the most important aspect of planning a wedding is organization. This includes being organized with money, tasks, schedule and so on. Keep track of potential vendors, their pricing and what they have to offer. Keep track of important dates and which tasks need to be finished first.

We promise, if you are organized throughout this process, you will have an enjoyable wedding experience.

Keep it simple
The more complicated you think wedding planning is, the more complicated it will be. Remember, you are hosting a party for each of your loved ones. Keep it as simple as possible and your stress will stay minimal.

Keeping your wedding simple doesn’t mean you can’t have the celebration of a life time. All we are saying is that you shouldn’t over complicate things.

Work With Professionals
There are thousands of local wedding professionals in your area. Take advantage of their experience and let them assist you with your wedding. Wedding professionals will be your best friends throughout the planning process.

Ask for Help
Planning a wedding is difficult and is something that shouldn’t be done alone. Take as much help as you can get. Ask family and friends to help with wedding preparations every step of the way. If you have adequate help you will have the time of your life!

Time is More Valuable than Ever
Make sure you give yourself adequate time to prepare for your wedding. You will hear other wedding professionals say that you need 18 to 24 months but we disagree. We feel strongly that a wedding can be appropriately prepared for in 4 to 6 months.

Other wedding pros may think that we are crazy for saying that 4 to 6 months is enough time to plan a wedding. We are confident that if you have help from your loved ones, work effectively with wedding professionals, stay organized, and use your time wisely; you can plan an amazing wedding in a brief time.

Stay Calm and Enjoy Yourself
As you prepare for your wedding, you will come across stressful situations. You’ll have to make tough decisions. Follow our advice and stay relaxed. Don’t overreact to small mishaps. Strive to enjoy your wedding experience and you will have a memorable wedding. If you have any questions or need additional advice, let us know in the comment box below.

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