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Registering for Your Wedding!

As soon as you are engaged, registering for gifts is one of the first things on your mind. It is fun and exciting; it’s time to decide what you will need to start your new life! Here is a small list of common questions about registering. There are no set rules but these answers will help you maintain good etiquette.

How many gifts should we register for?

There is no set number but the number of guests should help you decide. Registering for one gift for each guest is always safe. Not every guest will bring a gift and not everyone will be able to make it to the wedding. Register for your needs first, and then include some of your wants.

How many stores should we register at?

Registering at 2 stores is usually perfect but 3 stores is acceptable. You shouldn’t register at more than 3 stores. 1 store is too little; having at least 2 stores gives your guests an option.

Is there a price limit on what we can register for?

There is no price limit but asking for expensive gifts can make you look snobby. Make sure you register for gifts that everyone can afford. $20 dollars and up is generally safe. It’s ok to have a few expensive items. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big! A new bed or flat screen TV would be nice!

Will the guests bring the gifts to the reception?

Gifts are typically sent to the bride or grooms mailing address but there will always be guests who bring gifts to the reception. Make sure you have a table for guests to place gifts.

Where should you list your registry information for guests to see?

Usually the registry information is included in the wedding invitations. In cases where you are cutting the invitations due to a tight budget; make a Facebook or an email invitation that includes the registry information.

When should you register?

It is important to register before you send out invitations. Register 6 months before the wedding to be safe. If your engagement is shorter than 6 months then register as soon as possible.

Is it ok to ask for cash?

This is a very common question for brides to have. This is also a very difficult question to ask. Asking for cash can sound a little tacky so you need to be careful. The problem is, sometimes getting cash would be so much more helpful! If you prefer cash, register for a good number of items but tell family and friends to tell guests by word of mouth that you prefer cash. This will get your point across but it doesn’t sound bad since it isn’t coming from you. Wherever you register you will you will also have the convenience of adding gift cards to your registry.

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