Wedding Season is Here! A few things you should have in mind:

It's the perfect time for a summer wedding in Salt Lake City!
It’s is finally summer! We have been thinking about you brides and thought we would post about summer weddings. It is getting hot and it’s the perfect time for a honeymoon! Who wouldn’t love to have a summer wedding?

Summer is the most popular time to have a wedding but there are a few things you should know before planning for the big day. Here are a few suggestions that will help you avoid some of the stresses that come with having a summer wedding.

Everyone Wants a Summer Wedding

Perfect weather makes for an irresistible time for a wedding. This means that not only you but EVERYONE wants to get married this summer. This means that venues are booking fast. You need to book a few months in advance if you are booking a reception center. If you can’t book early, be flexible on dates. You might be having the wedding on a Monday or Tuesday.

Everyone Wants to Go on Vacation

It is by far the busiest time of year for vacationing. Keep this in mind as you plan for your honeymoon. Trust us; you will want a relaxing and traffic free honeymoon. Try to have your honeymoon in a separate place than the rest of the tourists. Hawaii might sound relaxing but don’t think you will have the beach to yourself. Holidays are even worse so try to avoid booking your honeymoon on a holiday weekend.

It’s Hot

Keep the heat in mind as you book a venue. Outdoor venues are great but what if it’s 100 degrees that day? Sweat and wedding dresses don’t go well together. Indoor/Outdoor Venues are great. You can enjoy the beautiful summer and walk inside to the cool A.C. when it gets too hot.

We are so happy about your wedding. Please comment if you have any questions. We might even write a post about your question!

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