Wedding Tip of the Day! Leave Someone Behind!

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Today our intention is to save brides from a great deal of stress and tears with one simple suggestion. Time after time, wedding after wedding we see brides forget things.

This past week one of our brides left the belt for her wedding gown at home. Her wedding venue was about 30 minutes from her house. Her wedding was scheduled to start in one hour and rush hour traffic was starting. She had to send someone home to get her belt and the wedding started late.

Most brides are confident that this will never happen to them but one bride after another makes this same mistake.

Recognize that you have too much on your mind
First and foremost you need to realize that this is a stressful time and you are bound to forget something. It is close to impossible for a bride to remember everything on her wedding day.

Leave Someone Behind
This suggestion is so simple and can save you from stress and tears! Have a loved one stay at your house until you are sure you have everything. Make sure you are fully ready early enough that they can leave and make the wedding on time.

Use Your Bridesmaids
Remember that your bridesmaids should be there for you. Your closest loved ones are willing to help you with all of your needs.

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