What do Wedding Caterers Provide?

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In today’s post we will discuss different types of Wedding Caterers and what they provide. Each catering service is different so make sure to ask lots of questions before you hire a professional.

Food, Drinks & Dessert

There are catering services that offer a full meal including appetizers, soups & salads, the entrée, desserts and drinks. There are other catering services that specialize in one specific type of food.

For example; a crepe buffet service might offer a build your own crepe bar with fruit and toppings. Crepes might be exactly what your wedding needs. On the other hand you have the high end catering services that offer a full meal from appetizers and salads to dessert with drinks included. Many of these high end caterers provide professional servers and bussers.

The type of catering service you choose is totally up to you. Money will be a huge factor in your decision. A dessert caterer is far less expensive than a caterer that offers everything in one package.

Keep in mind that some caterers serve their food buffet style and some bring the food to your guests. Some services will serve either way. This can change the feel of your entire wedding so decide what you want before you choose a caterer.

Plates, Glasses & Silverware

Most caterers offer plates, glasses & silverware; however they are not a rental company so they don’t have many options. Usually a catering service will have one to two china patterns to choose from. Make sure to meet with your caterer and discuss your options. If you don’t like what they offer, you can rent fine china from a wedding rental company.

Table Linens

It is common for brides to think that the caterer should provide the table linens. Some wedding catering services do offer linens but most don’t. In fact, many wedding reception venues offer table linens. If the catering service does not provide linens, there are rental companies that can help you.

Tables & Chairs

Another misconception from brides is that the caterer provides tables and chairs. Most catering services will bring tables for food and preparations but not for all of your guests. Most wedding reception venues provide tables and chairs. If not, there are wedding rental companies that will take good care of you.

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