Finalize Your Wedding Plans With Who, What, When, Where?

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In today’s post we’ll help you have a clear idea of how to take the stress away on your wedding day. Planning your dream wedding has been a long journey and lots of work. Once the special day arrives, it is crucial that you are fully prepared so that you can enjoy every minute of your wedding.

Wedding Day Needs
You will be completely overwhelmed if you aren’t completely prepared for your wedding day. You need to iron out every detail beforehand. Your vendors need to have a clear understanding of set up times, guest count, and event schedule. You need to have your schedule laid out “to the T”.

We want you to enjoy your wedding day. You shouldn’t have to deal with stressful matters.  By following this suggestion you can enjoy your wedding without being pushed over the edge by being underprepared.

Who? What? When? Where?
The best way to prepare yourself for the wedding day is to determine Who, What, When and Where for each aspect of your wedding. For example: to finalize preparations for your flowers you need to…

Who: Determine who will be helping arrange them, who needs to pick them up, who will be setting them up and so on.

What: Determine what needs to be done. Make a list of everything that needs to be done before your flowers are completely finished and ready for the wedding.

When: Make sure your schedule is extremely detailed. What time do they need to be picked up? What time can you start setting them up? When do they need to be finished? The more detailed you are the smoother your finalizations will be.

Where: Next determine where the flowers are going; be as detailed as possible. Do they need to be in 2 different places (at the reception location as well as the ceremony location)? Also be detailed as to which arrangements will go on which tables and so on.

If you have detailed answers of Who, What, When and Where for every aspect of your wedding, your stress will be minimal on your wedding day.

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